Roses, how to multiply them infinitely just using a banana? Your neighbors won’t be able to believe the spectacle on your balcony or in your garden.

Roses, how to multiply them infinitely with a banana

What do roses and bananas have in common? Let’s find out together. If you want to have an infinite multiplication of this flower so special you must know then this trick.

How to care for a rose

Among the most appreciated and cultivated flowers in gardens all over the world there are certainly roses. Beautiful to look at, fragrant and always a flower with an important symbolism, it is not easy to take care of them.


We provide you with some general indications to help you understand how to approach the care of this delicate flower that, if treated well, can live a long time.

First of all, you should know that roses belong to the Rosaceae family and as you can well imagine there are thousands of species, some natural others hybrid.

Ornamental flowers, they generally have a woody stem which can in turn be climbing or erect and a stem called “sting” due to the presence of the thorns.

The leaves can be smooth, serrated or petiolate depending on the species. The coloring is varied and thanks to the grafts, today you can really find them of every color. As with many other flowers, roses are difficult to guarantee long life. It often happens that our rose garden fades or that the roses wither after a while.

Do you know that there is a solution to this problem? Here’s how to multiply them infinitely, your roses. It may seem absurd but you only need one ingredient to achieve the miracle: a banana!

Roses, how to multiply them with a banana

Roses are among the most difficult flowers to care for and that easily and quickly wither. If you are a fan of this species and are looking for a remedy to ensure their survival, here is the solution for you!

Only with a banana can you infinitely multiply your roses to infinity. How to do it? Cut the stems of a rose and insert them into a previously perforated banana. Then place the banana inside a jar, covering it with the soil and water with plenty of water. Repeat the watering procedure 3 times a week for 2 months.

After 60 days you will see something incredible: your roots will have started to grow and grow stronger. Now you will have to remove them from the soil and from the banana that in the meantime will have decomposed and put your healthy roots in another pot.

Cover them with soil and water. You will really witness a magic: after a few weeks, many roses will start to sprout in your vase! How is such a thing possible? All thanks to the banana that, being rich in phosphorus and potassium, in contact with water releases all the nutrients necessary to properly take root the roots.

How to multiply roses with a banana

With this technique you will have roses that will multiply endlessly! Hardly anyone knows this trick. Many prefer to resort to fertilizers or artificial fertilizers to grow flowers and plants.

Yet, a simple banana is enough to give roses a chance to grow and multiply. In addition to bananas, there are also other ingredients that can replace traditional fertilizers. Want examples?

The  tea bags that we usually throw away after using them, you can put them in the ground where you planted your roses. Tannin is able to increase the acidity of the soil and ensure your roses grow quickly.

Eggshells, rich in calcium, are also natural fertilizers that help roses multiply. Put them in the ground after chopping them and let their healthy properties take effect.

Apple cider vinegar is another amazing ingredient to multiply your roses. It also lowers the pH of the soiland allows roses to grow quickly since it is an acidophilic plant. Don’t abuse it though! An excess can ruin everything.

There are, as you can see, many natural remedies to take care of your roses. No need for toxic or chemical fertilizers. With all the remedies we have suggested, you can achieve great results in a short time and in a natural way.

Obviously, you must always take care of your roses even watering them appropriately. The rose needs a lot of water, especially in the warmer months.

In summer for example, you should water your roses at least 2 times a day every week. In winter, however, even 2 times a week is enough and if they are exposed to rain it is not bad: rainwater is a panacea for them.