Did you know that there is a special fertilizer capable of reviving dry and even dead plants? Here’s what fertilizer it is and how to use it to achieve excellent results.

watering plants

You won’t believe it, but there is a fertilizer that you can prepare with your own hands and completely free of charge to reinvigorate plants and resurrect them even when they are almost dead. Let’s find out how to prepare this organic fertilizer that will allow you to make your plants grow lush.

The effective and free organic fertilizer for dead or dried plants

Using organic fertilizer has undoubted advantages both on the plants and from an economic point of view. As you well know, the fertilizers you find on the market are expensive and often contain chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment, which should be avoided.

An organic fertilizer, on the other hand, is naturally rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and magnesium , all elements that are good for the health of plants and help them remain vigorous. Furthermore, it is also economical because it is practically free, since to prepare it you have to use scraps of some foods that you generally consume.

Instead of throwing them away, recycle them and you will obtain a very powerful natural fertilizer , rich in nutrients and active principles that ensure excellent growth for plants. Not only that, they revive them when they are almost dry or dead, and suddenly you will see that they will bloom again . Let’s find out how to prepare an amazing and effective organic fertilizer with just two elements.

What to use to get a powerful organic fertilizer

There are many things you can use to obtain a powerful organic fertilizer, but among the most effective combinations we find banana with coffee grounds . Banana is a food rich in minerals, especially potassium and magnesium and is good for plants.

So are the coffee grounds, which are also rich in minerals such as nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium and much more. Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer and fertilizer for your apartment plants and combined with banana they will allow you to enhance the effect. Here is how to proceed for the preparation of the fertilizer.

How to make banana and coffee grounds fertilizer for your dead or dry plants

Making organic banana and coffee grounds fertilizer is easy, here’s what you need:

  • 1 banana;
  • 1 liter of water;
  • 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds.

Put the banana with all the peel in the blender and pour 1 liter of water inside . Blend the ingredients for a few minutes, until the banana is dissolved in the liquid, then filter the mixture with a strainer and collect the liquid you will need to use in a jug . At this point put 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds in the solution obtained and mix everything carefully. It’s not the time to use it yet, because another important step is needed that you can discover by reading further below.

Banana peel

How to use organic fertilizer

The solution obtained with water and pureed banana and coffee grounds is very concentrated. To use it on plants you must therefore dilute it in a container where you will have poured 5 liters of water . Stir the container well to better dissolve the coffee grounds.

The organic fertilizer is ready to be used on your plants, even dry ones and those that look dead. Use it every 30 days and pour it into the pot to ensure perfect growth for the plants. The plants will grow luxuriantly and their flowering will last even longer .

You can use banana and coffee grounds fertilizer on any type of plant, thus ensuring long life for any species and abundant blooms. You will see orchids, hydrangeas, succulents, aromatic plants and much more bloom again, because the solution promotes flowering. Prepare it and keep it for a few months, you will find it ready to use, just shake the container well to redistribute all the substances as best as possible.