With this nursery method you rejuvenate the orchid and it comes back to life. Follow these few steps to give your plant a long life.

Rejuvenate the orchid
The orchid does not need much care and for this reason it is a perfect plant for interiors . It is the perfect plant for beginners as with little you can make it flower all year round. In fact, you don’t need to have a strong green thumb as very little will be enough to keep an orchid alive.

You definitely have to find the right place. This is in fact essential for it to grow correctly. Keep it away from doors and windows as it may experience cold drafts. It must also stay away from radiators and direct sunlight. So find him a sheltered place but with indirect sunlight.

rejuvenate the orchid

Remember to water it, but not too much. The soil must be moist and not full of water. Another factor that many underestimate is the fertilizer which is fundamental and you will not have to buy expensive ones because you can use different natural methods. But now we will see how to rejuvenate your plant.

Rejuvenate the orchid this way

As we said, orchids are simple plants to care for but you still need to have the right attention. In fact, we will now see a method that nurserymen use to help orchids stay rejuvenated and to make them grow faster with completely healthy roots. Continue to find out more.

After an orchid has been planted for a long time, the aging process is activated and takes a long time. The rejuvenation of orchids is aimed only at plants that have many aerial roots or roots that develop out of the ground and which have the function of sustenance for the plants.

rejuvenate your orchid

First we must consider the correct growth of the roots otherwise we will put the entire health of the plant at risk. You need to remove all the leaves with aerial roots or that are underneath them and plant the plant in a new pot . This step will facilitate and speed up the growth of the plant but that’s not all.

After removing the leaves you must cut the orchid tree at the base and you must disinfect the roots where the cut took place with hydrogen peroxide. Put the part that is left in the pot in a warm place and in the light and in a short time it will grow again. For cut roots, however, let’s see how to proceed.

repotting orchid

Take a shallow plastic bowl, put the roots in it and pour some water into it. Now take some bark and put it in a container with some water . Leave it like this for 30 minutes and then remove the orchid from the bowl of water. Take a new pot, place the drained bark on the bottom and then place the plant, fitting the roots inside.

At this point you need to cover everything with bark and growing medium. In this way the plant will recover very easily and grow correctly . This way you will have saved a plant and you will have two in excellent health. All you have to do is try  this method with your orchid .