By putting some orange peels and salt in a cup we will have a surprising result. Here’s which one.


In Italy we have many fruits that grow in our regions which have become real specialties of some regions and many of these are citrus fruits, such as oranges for example.

This citrus fruit can be found on the market in many of its varieties such as the Tarocco, the Navelina, commonly called Navel, the Tarocco Gallo , the Moro, the Sanguinello, the Tarocco Nocellare and the Washington Navel .

Orange: what happens if we insert its peel into a cup with salt

The region that grows the most oranges in Italy is Sicily and in fact Sicilian oranges are envied all over the world due to their unique and unmistakable flavor which also benefits health.


In fact, always when we find ourselves without strength and have a cold, the load of vitamin C that we acquire by drinking orange juice gives us a boost of energy.

It is no coincidence that in medicines that help us regain strength but also in those against the flu and infections, we often find orange among the ingredients , as it helps our immune system defend us from ailments.

Orange peels: this is what happens when you put them in a cup with salt

In this period, with the Christmas holidays, oranges are very widespread and can easily be found on the table during Christmas and New Year’s dinners as one of the most consumed fruits.

Their unmistakable scent is often associated with this period, and this citrus fruit is often also used to decorate your home thanks to the use of some elements of the orange.

Although some tend to dry circular slices of orange and then use them as decorations on their trees, others tend to use only the peel of this citrus fruit to make personalized decorations .

Others, however, tend to place the peel inside a basin or on a radiator to ensure that the essential oils are released and the smell spreads throughout the house.

The method that few know

But few people know that with the addition of salt , these peels are an excellent ally to solve a big problem that could occur on the cups used for our breakfast or for coffee cups .

Often, when we drink our morning drink or when we sip coffee , it happens that, despite washing our dishes well, the cup remains dirty and with stains.

This can happen when we use chocolate or barley with milk or when coffee tends to leave brownish marks that we cannot remove even after many washes.

Orange peels: this is what happens when you put them in a cup with salt

By inserting salt into our cup and rubbing it on the walls of the cup using orange peel , we will see how this excess dirt will be removed as if by magic.

The cup will be completely clean and without residues and we can then rinse it and then use it again to sip our drink.

This method can also be used on other dishes as the salt , with the help of the orange peel, tends to degrease and remove excess dirt without having to spend money on industrial products.