Take the banana peel and place it in the boiling water, what will come out is absolutely incredible. You won’t throw it away again. 

use banana peel

So many times we got to appreciate the second use of things. Let’s explain better, in a world characterized by excessive and routine waste, it becomes mandatory to put a stop to this unfortunate situation. And what can we do? Rediscovering the further potential of what Nature offers us.

Let’s take the banana for example the fruit, in addition to being curious about its formation,  is really a useful reservoir of well-being. In fact, it has been demonstrated several times how even its peel can save our green corner – in the ways we will see below – which is why you should never, ever throw it away.

Put the banana peel in hot water, it will come in handy

use banana peel for the vegetable garden

We have had the opportunity several times to recover the banana peel, dry it to avoid humidity, cut it into small pieces to mix it in the soil. The potassium in the fruit is also present in the peel, which is why throwing it away would be a waste. Experts therefore suggest using it to nourish plants and make them particularly strong.

On the web there is also a lot of useful information and therefore that provided by Alessio Rucola , the young man who always offers very interesting content on YouTube , can be useful. Like what we are about to reveal to you. Take the banana peel and don’t throw it away, you can get something incredible (we give you a very useful hint, that this trick is also perfect for your garden).

What you need to do is take the banana peel and place it inside an airtight glass jar, as in the photo above. The jar must first be filled with hot water. Proceed with the immersion and leave for an hour. Once the useful time has elapsed, you will have to proceed with filtering the liquid obtained.


banana peel flowers

In the meantime it will have cooled down and will then be ready to be used on the plants. In this regard, it may be useful to have a spray bottle, it will be easy to apply it evenly on the plants. Magnesium, calcium and phosphorus are the main nutrients that plants will recover thanks to this green and very effective concoction.