Powerful pesticide at no cost – with this recipe you will forever say goodbye to any insect from plants.

Powerful pesticide at no cost

Tired of seeing your plants wither, fade or die from insects? With this recipe you will give able to create a powerful pesticide at no cost. Only in this way can you give new life to your green jewels.

Plants and pests: how to solve the problem

Anyone who decides to welcome plants into their home or garden, knows that there is a common problem to be faced. We are talking about a rather serious risk that sometimes endangers the life of our green jewelry: the presence of parasites.

Pests on leaf

These small microorganisms proliferate very easily going to affect stems, leaves and roots of our plants. The first thing to do is definitely identify the parasite or parasites that are sucking lifeblood to our precious green jewelry.

Then, you need to start appropriate treatments to save the life of your plants. Surely on the market you will find many chemical and artificial products that can help you get rid of parasites.

Do you know that you could make a powerful pesticide yourself at no cost? You only need a few ingredients and among other things very cheap. Here is the procedure to follow to save money and save your plants.

How to make a powerful pesticide at no cost

Pests are very dangerous microorganisms for the health of our plants. They proliferate very easily and attack our green jewels that end up dying. Once identified, these must absolutely be eliminated. The treatment to be administered to our plants in particular must be fast.

If you are going to abandon chemical pesticides in favor of natural ones, continue reading this article. Today we will show you all the steps to follow to create a powerful pesticide at no cost.

Do you know what ingredient you need to make this powerful pesticideMilk! Rich in phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium, milk will help your plants recover after pest attack.

Milk to create a powerful pesticide

This ingredient, when sprayed on the leaves, is able to create a thin layer that protects plants from attack by microorganisms such as aphids, fungi and viruses. Even some scientific studies have shown that plants treated with milk have developed a new and better immunity against pest attack.

Milk also helps plants better absorb the nutrients needed to survive. In order to make your powerful pesticide at no cost you will have to pour half a liter of milk into 5 liters of water.

Mix the solution well and pour the liquid into a nebulizer. Then spray this liquid on the leaves of your plants and roots. You will see that pests will keep away from your beautiful green jewelry. This system is really effective, cheap and very useful. It works flawlessly and we are sure that you will not be able to do without it.

What are the most common parasites

We have explained how to make a powerful pesticide at no cost: milk is the secret ingredient for a very easy recipe that will save the life of your plants. But let’s try to deepen the topic. Below we list the most common ones that most often attack plants.

In the first place there are the Aphids, very small insects that feed on the green pigment present in the leaves and stems. These microorganisms generally attack roses, orchids,  violets and succulents. How to understand if your plant has suffered the attack of aphids? Simple: you will begin to notice the leaves turning yellow.

Other dangerous and common pests are thrips. These small insects leave noticeable scars on the leaves and stem of plants. Do you know the whiteflies? These attack in particular aromatic plants and medicinal herbs such as chamomile, lavender and lemon balm. Their droppings lead to the production of fungi on the leaves of plants. Cochineal is also a very dangerous pest. It goes to suck the sap of the plants that will have dull and yellowed leaves.

Aphids and Thrips

Milk isn’t the only natural ingredient that can help you revive your plants. There are others that you can use to create super effective pesticides. For example, did you know that garlic is very powerful for warding off fungi, viruses and other pests? Just crush two cloves of garlic and pour them into a half-liter bottle of water.

After 3 days add another 2 liters of water to a larger container and pour the contents into a nebulizer. Spray this solution on the leaves of your plants and you will see that pests will not approach them.

Did you know that eggshells can also be very useful? They are not only a perfect fertilizer to grow your plants but also a natural pesticide that will keep away from your green jewelry especially earthworms and snails.

Finally we point out the method of parsley. Also this plant allows you to make a powerful pesticide at no cost. Soak a few leaves in a liter of water, let the solution rest in a dry place for two days and then pour the contents into a nebulizer. Spray the solution on the leaves of plants and enjoy the miracle: goodbye to pests.