We make a powerful homemade fertilizer with two ingredients, which will help you revive your plants in an incredible way.

Powerful homemade fertilizer

Here are the two miracle ingredients that will make your plants come back to life in no time. Even the most lifeless plants affected by the climate being too hot or too cold can be revived with this very powerful natural fertilizer.

Withered plants, some precautions

We would all like to always have a beautiful, well-kept garden or balcony. The first thing that is essential to do to obtain it is to take care of your plants. In fact, withered plants are not a great business card.

You should know that you just need to adopt some precautions to keep your plants as healthy as when you purchased them. First of all, it is essential to water them with the right amount of water, in order to nourish them.

Withered plants

And then it is essential that your plants are sown in places in the garden or on the balcony where the sun reaches and at the same time that there is not much wind. Another thing to consider is land. You should think about what type of fertilizer, for example, you can buy and use to best grow your plants.

In this regard, today we show you the incredible recipe for a natural fertilizer , which you can make directly at home. You only need two ingredients, which you surely already have at home, to create something unique.

Homemade fertilizer with oats and lentils

Today we offer you the recipe for fertilizer with oats and lentils , a mix of ingredients that will prove excellent when you want to take care of your withered plants.

All you have to do is blend the lentils and add the oats to the mix. Now put the two ingredients in a pan filled with hot water and bring to the boil.

Fertilizer with oats and lentils

Once you have boiled everything, let it cool and filter the mixture through a sieve into a bottle. You can also decide to add a spray to the bottle, so you can spray the oat and lentil fertilizer directly onto the plant’s soil.

If not, you can simply dilute it in the water you use to water your wilted plants regularly. We invite you to repeat the procedure over and over again within a week, to ensure that your plant revives as quickly and effectively as possible.

Know that it is a truly powerful fertilizer , which is capable of reviving even plants for which there seems to be no more hope. The natural product combines the properties of oats, which contain minerals such as potassium, and those of lentils.

In this case, legumes serve as real growth hormones , capable of making your plants grow lush, even if they are dull and tested by the climate. We recommend using this oat and lentil fertilizer on all your plants to document its effects. You will save all the money that you previously used to purchase very expensive chemical fertilizers, which emptied your pockets and at the same time polluted the environment.