If you own a courtyard and a garden, you know well that in the summer one of the main problems is the excessive growth of weeds . Their presence is not only unsightly, but also problematic because the herbicides on the market are all chemical and dangerous if there are children and animals in the house that can accidentally come into contact with them.

There are also ecological herbicides , but if you wish you can prepare a very effective and harmless herbicide yourself at home. A small premise is necessary, as you must know that grass that grows out of control is sometimes not weed , but has characteristics useful in nature, probably little known.

Powerful and effective do-it-yourself herbicide to eliminate all weeds for only 1 euro

Many types of weeds grow in the lawn and in the cracks . However, some have particular characteristics, such as being insect repellents, while others are carriers of parasites which, if approached to the plants, invade them, damaging them or causing them to die. Once you have decided to eliminate the weeds you can then produce your own natural herbicide, but always be very careful.

Vinegar and fine salt

  • 5 liters of water
  • 1 liter of vinegar
  • 1 kg of fine salt


First of all, it is recommended to dissolve the fine salt you purchased in water and then add the liter of vinegar. Jumbled up. You can then pour the mixture obtained into a spray bottle and use it later by spraying the areas where you want to eliminate the weeds. Once you have done this operation, you will see that after 15 days the weeds will be completely dry.

This method will protect children and animals from the chemical agents present in herbicides on the market, also obtaining the same result. Your garden will be lush with clean grass on your lawn. It is recommended to use all the prepared product every time, do not leave it in the spray bottle for too many days.