Geraniums are the most loved and widespread flowers in our gardens or balconies. But like all plants, they need a lot of care. Did you know that to make them strong and lush you should pour an ingredient? It is a completely natural element: let’s find out more .

Lush geraniums

Geraniums are plants loved by everyone, in fact, you can find them on balconies, in gardens and at home. In Italy, they are very widespread, even if not everyone knows how to treat them and make them always healthy. There is a natural and economical remedy to make them strong, with this method they will flower immediately : let’s find out how to do it.

Strong and lush geraniums: all the details

There are different types of geraniums, they come in all colors. They are truly fascinating flowers, in fact, they make the place decorated and elegant. This is a real piece of furniture. But in reality, to make them so lush and healthy you need to put into practice a natural and effective remedy.

First, it is important to think about the position of the vases and the brightness. Furthermore, always try to maintain a certain distance between the plants, in order to help the development of the geraniums. Always water them during the evening hours and continually check if they need water.


Remove dry leaves, otherwise they will take away energy from your plant. Prune them once a year, preferably in spring. In winter, however, make sure to cover them with a cloth, otherwise the cold could cause your geraniums to die. But how can we make them healthy, lush and with crazy flowering? All you need is one ingredient : let’s find out more.

How to make geraniums flower and colourful: the procedure

Growing geraniums is not that difficult, but it is important to always keep some precautions in mind and put practical and effective advice into practice. To make the plants flourish, you will need brewer’s yeast.

It is an ingredient that is used in the kitchen, but not everyone knows that it has many properties, in fact, it contains various mineral salts and also many vitamins which are excellent for promoting the development of plants, in particular geraniums. You will only have to dissolve two teaspoons of brewer’s yeast powder in the water, you will need about 3 litres. 

At this point, your compost will be ready and you will have to use it during watering. If you want to strengthen the solution, you can also add a teaspoon of sugar , as the glucose will stimulate the growth of the plant. You will immediately notice the results, the geraniums will look healthy and strong after a few days.

This remedy is widely used, because it is a truly brilliant trick. You absolutely must try it, especially if you have recently approached the world of gardening. With the method that we have just revealed to you, you can also say goodbye to all those chemical products that you buy at the supermarket to grow your geraniums.