Just a bucket full of water and this ingredient to pour directly on the ground: the harvest will be rich and abundant.

Rich harvest ingredient

How to have a rich and abundant harvest? Whether it is a small vegetable garden or a large area, crops need continuous nourishment to grow. For this reason, experienced nurserymen advise against the use of chemical fertilizers leaving room for natural ingredients. Due to their properties and benefits, they can give the soil everything it needs. What are these ingredients? Let’s be clear.

Ingredients for rich and abundant harvest

Experienced nurserymen invite all those who have a small vegetable garden or a large plot to use only natural ingredients. The chemical compounds, although designed for plants and the garden, could contain preservatives that pollute or ruin crops directly.

There are natural ingredients that can transfer properties and benefits to the soil, so that it can feed and grow crops in a healthy and abundant way. The ingredients to be taken into consideration are:

  • 1 glass of warm milk;
  • 1 tablespoon dry baking powder;
  • 1 tablespoon of white sugar.

These three ingredients are excellent for having a rich and abundant harvest, counteracting the attack of pests or diseases that may arise over time.

How is this compound used for soil?

The first thing to do is heat the milk and pour it into a glass. Add the yeast and mix, immediately after add the sugar and stir until all the ingredients have blended completely.

Watering the soil

The substance is put into a bucket filled with water at room temperature. Mix well and then water the soil, enriching it with all the properties and benefits that these ingredients can give.

Milk is rich in calcium, potassium with other mineral salts that help the growth of crops in a natural way. Dry yeast is ideal for protecting the soil from pest attack, for optimal growth of the chosen crops. Then there is sugar, which deeply nourishes the soil and helps make growth smooth.

The water is therefore enriched with natural ingredients that help and nourish the soil, without ever ruining it. Avoid in any way to use chemical components or preservatives, so as to have an excellent harvest.

A piece of advice? It is better to contact experts in the field, so that they can suggest the best techniques or ingredients to use alternatively. In fact, there are crops that may not withstand the three ingredients mentioned above.

Between one watering and another, enrich the soil with other natural elements such as banana peel or coffee grounds.  Both are great for feeding plants and soil, in a completely natural way. Having a vegetable garden is not easy, but with these methods you can get a good harvest year after year.