By placing a bottle in the orchids our orchids will grow abundantly. Here’s the secret ingredient.

Pour it into the orchids

Plants and flowers have always been present in our homes and gardens as ornamental elements to show off to have greenery in our homes and this practice has been happening since ancient times.

In fact, since the first civilisations, flowers and plants were cultivated not only for food and agricultural purposes but also for decoration of private spaces or spaces shared with others.

Orchids: the secret to making them strong and lush

Even today, in fact, it is very important to have cities with green areas and especially in recent years, urban interventions are being developed to ensure that these have more natural areas, albeit artificially built.

Thus, in some regions, flowerbeds and plants that have been planted subsequently have increased and have made our cities more enjoyable with new gardens and parks that have been built in recent years.

Having greenery in our homes is also important as it not only brightens up our days and our environments but also because they tend to absorb excess humidity.

Orchids: how to make them flourish

Thus, the formation of condensation and mold on the walls will be avoided due to the fact that the plants, especially the succulent ones such as aloe vera and mother-in-law’s tongue , will retain this excess humidity giving a healthy air to our home.

Even the insects will be grateful. As we know, many of them travel in search of nectar and having plants with lush flowers near our windows or on our balconies will help them achieve their purpose.

This is because thanks to pollination, they will be able to make a positive contribution to the ecosystem and the health of the planet will continue to be on the rise and we too will benefit from it.

The nurserymen’s trick

For this reason, having plants at home is important and if we don’t have a green thumb we shouldn’t be discouraged as there are effective methods to make plants vigorous.

Some of the most widespread plants are orchids which can be found on the market in various colors and in various shapes but they all share similar characteristics such as thick, shiny leaves and abundant flowers.

However, there is a trick to ensure that these flower in an exceptional way and that the roots of our orchids remain solid even over the years. And the trick is in garlic , an ingredient within everyone’s reach.

Orchids: how to make them flourish

Take some garlic cloves and put them inside a bottle full of water , wait for them to release some essences and then pour everything into a bowl and then put the orchid vase inside .

After a few minutes, remove the plant and place it in another bowl of water at room temperature and then place it where we want it best in our homes.

We will see how the orchids will have strong and solid roots and how the flowers will be born strong and lush and will always be like this for many years.