With this method you can water the plants for almost a month without spending money. Many farmers use this method: below we will show you how to do it.

Watering plants

Plants that are potted in the garden need water. When summer arrives and the rains are lacking, we must never forget them otherwise they will die. If you plant vegetables then water is really essential to grow the plant but also to have a tasty fruit.

Precisely for this reason we want to show you the farmer’s method to water vegetable plants in your garden effortlessly and at no cost for about a month. You will not have to go every day to water them but you just have to go every now and then to check that everything is working correctly.

Watering plants

Below, in the next paragraph, we are going to show you everything in detail about how to carry out this method. You will not have to buy absolutely anything because we are going to use a very common object in the house. Here are all the details you need to know.

How to water plants for a month

As we have said this method can be useful when you spend a few days away from home. You will need a large plastic bottle. The larger the bottle and for more day you will not water your plants. Now with a marker make a mark about 15 centimeters from the bottom and 10 centimeters from the neck.

Combine and it will be an internal line that will serve as a guide to know the position in which to put the bottle on the plant. Slightly below the line, about 7 centimeters from the bottom, make a dot that you will have to drill. You can do it with an awl or with heated spun iron.

Watering with a plastic bottle - the method of farmers

The hole must be small and not too large. At this point go to fill the bottle with water. Not all but up to the beginning of the line drawn previously. Now close the bottle with the cap tightening well. It’s time to place the bottle near the plant.

Placement of the bottle in the ground

You can use this method in the garden and you have to go close to the plant and slightly dig up some soil so as to put the bottle. The bottle must be buried to the starting point of the line made previously. Remember to turn the side of the bottle with the hole towards the plant.

Watering plants for a month

Now cover with earth again. Then open the cap and fill the bottle completely. Close now again with the cap. As soon as the bottle is closed, the water level will stop lowering and will only come out at the request of the plant or when the soil is dry. It will fall in a teardrop.

In this way you are sure that your plants will always be watered and you will not have to have the thought of going every day to water the plants. This method is especially for vegetables planted in the garden.  But there are also other methods for potted plants such as bottle and twine.