Plant 4 bananas in your garden: something can happen that you would never expect. Everything that can happen can be found below.

Bananas planted in the garden

With this completely natural method you will be amazed by the results you will be able to obtain! All you need is the use of these four bananas in the soil of your garden. A very effective method when you dedicate yourself to the cultivation of your own back garden. Flowers, vegetables and spices can be grown here. A beautiful garden also improves the external appearance of your home. That is why it is important to read this article.

Plant 4 bananas in your garden: the care of your garden

There are several ways to have a rich and beautiful garden, full of colorful flowers that will make your garden even more beautiful. There are also various methods to be able to grow your own healthy and strong plants.

Below we will talk about a specific method that involves the use of banana peels. Banana peels, for those who do not know, seem to be rich in potassium and magnesium.

Banana peels

Not only that, they are rich in different minerals that can help our plants grow well. So here we can transform the skins into real fertilizer and how to do this if not break the skins directly into the soil?

In this way they will release substances useful for the nourishment of the plants. Banana peels, in shorthave properties that make your garden prosper.

Here you can put the peel on the bottom of the holes when transplanting for example tomatoes. You will see that decomposition will take place and your plants will thrive.

Plant 4 bananas in your garden: other useful methods for your garden

There also seem to be other methods that can be used in this regard. Let’s see another one below.

The first step to perform to have a good harvest is to use  eggshells to ward off pests.


It is essential to prevent the snails from taking control of your garden, thus ruining it by eating all your freshly released vegetables. This would happen before you have the chance to harvest them and would correspond to great damage to you and your garden.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved effectively through the use of the eggshell. By sprinkling eggshells in your garden, you will create a sharp surface that will not give the opportunity for snails to go on your plot. Before putting the eggshells on the ground, however, you will have to wash them, making sure that they are broken into small pieces.

You have to remove all the smell of the egg, so as not to attract rodents that would damage your garden, much more than snails.

What else to know

Plants can also be a valuable beautification of your home as well as your garden, but only if they are healthy and moist. How can this be achieved? Through the use of diapers, which must be inserted in the lower part, then covering it with soil.


You only need one diaper to allow the planter to efficiently retain water, so as not to allow the soil to dry out.

This diaper trick can be used for any type of plant, in particular it works with the Tifa iris or with the marsh sunflower.

One of the biggest mistakes is not watering your plants enough.

With the use of an empty bottle, you can remedy this forgetfulness. When you have finished the wine placed in the glass bottle, the latter can be used for this purpose. After cleaning it with hot water, fill it with fresh water and make a hole in the cap, going to force it again.

Turn the bottle upside down, putting your neck in the ground. As long as there is water in the bottle, your plant will always be well hydrated.

To slow down the process of water loss from plants, you can use coffee filters that you will need to align the bottom of the pots. This will not prevent the water from draining, but it will slow down the procedure so that the soil can absorb the water.

To keep the deer away from your garden, all you have to do is place pieces of soap scattered on the ground. These will prevent him from approaching, since he does not like their smell. Alternatively, you can hang a bag containing a very fragrant bar of soap in your gardens, so as to discourage the entry of certain animals.

Another method of keeping snails away from your garden is beer-based.

These pests have a predilection for beer, which you will have to put in a jar inserted into the soil and spaced from your plants.

Snails will focus on it instead of plants, as they prefer the ingredients placed inside the beer.

Plastic forks inserted into the ground with the tips pointing upwards, are a great way to keep animals such as dogs and squirrels away from the garden.

Per proteggere le piante dal gelo, inserendo solo la parte superiore di un contenitore di plastica grande vi servirà per farle rimanere più calde durante la notte.

Utili metodi fai da te e il metodo delle banane

Per crearvi un pratico annaffiatoio, vi servirà un semplice contenitore per il latte sciacquato bene. Facendo dei fori sul tappo, potrete usarlo per innaffiare le vostre piante.

La cannella ha proprietà antimicotiche, quindi si può usare per allontanare anche i funghi e le formiche dalle piante.

Le vecchie teglie per muffin potreste riadoperarle per la semina iniziale.

L’aceto bianco è un diserbante naturale e si può usare sulle erbacce per eliminarle.

White vinegar

A last useful method to sweeten cherry tomatoes is baking soda spread on the base of the plant. Assimilated by plants, make cherry tomatoes sweeter.

These are just some of the many ideal ways to have a beautiful and functional DIY garden.