How to have a perennial and vigorous cyclamen? This is all it takes to make it grow in this way: try it immediately.

Perennial and vigorous cyclamen

It is a beautiful plant that can embellish your home with warm colors, which envelop you in every season of the year. It is important that the plant is cared for and followed as per the advice of nurserymen, even if few people know that with a very easy method you can have a vigorous and perennial plant. What’s better than a beautiful cyclamen at home that always looks healthy? Experts tell us how to do it.

Characteristics of the cyclamen

Cyclamen is a beautiful autumn plant that belongs to the Primulaceae family and the Myrsinaceae family. It is a type of plant that is resistant and grows very quickly.

It is bushy and produces a series of beautiful delicate flowers in the colors of pink – white – purple up to intense bright red. Flowering occurs from September and continues until April.

The flowers are not all scented, they are single and can also be curled depending on the type of plant. Its leaves are dark green, with an upper part that is elegantly stained white while on the lower part we find streaks that are red.


Its curious name derives from Greek and means circle, like its roots which have an unprecedented round shape. It is a plant native to the Mediterranean regions that is very easy to grow, even for those who do not have a very developed green thumb.

Lush, perennial cyclamen – you need to use this

It is the protagonist plant of autumn, for this reason it is important to place it in a correct position. Nurserymen also invite you not to underestimate one ingredient in particular which makes it grow beautiful, healthy and is also a way to have it perennial.

First of all, the size of the pot is important, so much so that it must be evaluated depending on the size of the plant. For continuous flowering it is better to choose a small vase and then gradually change it as the plant grows.

Then it is good to choose the soil, with a fundamental ingredient to add if you grow cyclamen in pots: the bark. This shredded tree bark will be added to sphagnum moss (moss) creating a solution that retains water and ensures proper soil moisture without waterlogging.

For it to become healthy, beautiful and very strong it will be enough to use this fertilizer three times a week adding a fertilizer rich in potassium and phosphorus .

Cyclamen in white pot

To this secret of our nurserymen, a right dose of water is also added. An advice? Immerse the plant in a bowl full of room temperature water for 30 minutes or water it from top to bottom, like a sort of gentle waterfall.

Healthy also means free of any disease, in fact it is the leaves that alert in case of discomfort or pathologies of various nature. If the color of the leaves is no longer green and lush, then it’s time to contact an expert.