Orchids, do you want to ensure their rapid and healthy growth? Here is the secret of the nurserymen revealed. With this technique your plant will look great for years.

How to ensure rapid and healthy growth for orchids

If you want to reinvigorate and grow your orchids quickly , you must put this method into practice. Here is the secret of the green thumb experts . All you need to do is do this to give new life to your plant.

How to care for an orchid

Beautiful plant with bright and lively colors , the orchid belongs to the Monocotyledons family which includes over 25,000 species. The morphology of this plant is quite varied.

Depending on whether it is a specific species or a particular hybrid , the orchid can have different dimensions and weight as well as its flowers can be more or less large . In any case, this plant usually does not exceed 20 cm.


Even its scent can be characteristic , pleasant in some cases and repugnant in others: for example the Bulbophyllum species is one of those which gives off a really unbearable smell.

Although these are epiphytic plants (that is, they act as support for other plants), herbaceous and perennial , sometimes they can also be climbers . So don’t be surprised to find an orchid twisted around a trunk. They usually prefer rocky terrain but do well in a semi-aquatic habitat as well.

How to take care of this plant? It’s not as simple as it may seem. In fact, the orchid often tends to wither, its roots to rot and the flowers not to bloom.

To avoid these problems you should pay special attention to watering. The advice of expert nurserymen is to water this plant at least once a week because while it is true that it tolerates drought, it is equally true that it does not survive in particularly humid contexts.

In some cases, however, it is the absence of the right nutrients that prevents your orchid from surviving . Today we want to reveal the secret to having a strong and healthy plant. You just need to practice this technique.

Orchids, the secret to rapid and healthy growth

To grow strong and healthy, orchids need a specific climate , the right irrigation, good lighting and obviously suitable temperatures. But that is not all.

Sometimes it’s the nutrients that make the difference . If you find your plant struggling to grow and flower, it probably needs fertilizing . Today we want to teach you how to make a powerful fertilizer with your own hands using simply a natural ingredient.

We assure you that with this technique, also adopted by green thumbs and the most expert nurserymen , you will be able to guarantee healthy and rapid growth for your orchids . All you need is a potato ! Well yes, this tuber is a natural source of vitamins and mineral salts . You only need 20 grams of potato and 500ml of water.

Pour everything into a blender and filter the solution obtained into a nebulizer or graduated container. Then, start moistening the roots and leaves of your orchids with this liquid . Use your natural fertilizer twice a month: your plant will be reborn and in a short time too!

Natural fertilizer made with potato

The potato is a non-transferable ingredient for plant health . Not only the pulp but also the peel can come in handy . It promotes seed germination and speeds up fruiting in the case of fruit plants.

This tuber is also perfect for naturally stimulating the good bacteria in the soil that guarantee nourishment and protection for plants. Furthermore, the potato also keeps various parasites and insects away from orchids that can damage the leaves. So why not take advantage of all these properties? You will give new sap to your plants.