There is a method to keep orchids always flourishing and with a long longevity. Here’s what it is.


In our homes, since ancient times, there have been plants, which are seen as ornamental elements, including some very elegant ones which in the past also indicated the social status of the person who lived inside a particular building.

It is no coincidence that even today, in some cities, there are gardens and squares that are always flourishing and which once belonged to important families of these cities who took care of them.

Orchids: how to keep them alive for a long time

Wanting to have a house full of plants is because of the beauty that some of these release and which can give visual joy and not only because they are also useful for other reasons.

Suffice it to say that having plants, especially succulent ones, in some rooms tends to absorb all the humidity and consequently prevent condensation and mold from forming on the walls which we will then be forced to eliminate.

But not only that, our plants produce flowers and these are useful for insects, pollinator species that will have to find comfort after a long journey and find nectar to carry out their work, which is very useful for the ecosystem.

Orchids: how to always keep them thriving

Thus, it is always better to have plants in our homes and on the market we find many of many species but the most widespread and purchased which is also indicated as a very welcome gift is the orchid .

It can be found in many colors and shapes but this plant has always been considered one of the most elegant ever and its maintenance is recommended even for those who do not have a green thumb.

This plant stands out due to its very large and waxy leaves which usually always need to be cleaned with a solution that could be water and milk so that dust does not accumulate and that it always remains shiny.

The secret method

But not everyone knows that there is a secret to ensuring that this plant does not die immediately and remains alive for years and years. First you need to make sure that its leaves are not rotten.

If they are, they should be removed and a cotton pad soaked in water should be placed between one leaf and the other Next we will take our plant and see if there are aerial roots growing outside the pot.

If this is the case, let’s make sure that these are able to fit into another large enough vase or container full of water and immerse our plant with the previous vase .

Orchids: how to always keep them thriving

In this way, the plant and all the roots will absorb the necessary water and the orchid will continue to grow luxuriantly and spontaneously, making very large and colorful flowers bloom.

When we see that the water is about to be consumed, instead of the container, we put a saucer so that the water that is released can be changed periodically.

Only in this way will our orchids be able to stay alive for a very long time and we will be able to show them off in our living rooms or wherever we want.