Do you ever water orchids with this ingredient? Here’s how to make them flower 10 times more and make them even more beautiful.


There is no more elegant and refined flower than the Orchid. We know well that keeping a plant of this type alive and thriving is very difficult, but with some advice and little tricks you can have something unique of its kind. For example, very few people know that a simple ingredient will make the orchid bloom 10 times more than normal. Ready to understand how to do it and implement the system immediately? Here is the florists’ secret.

Characteristics of orchids

A flower that takes on many different colors , thanks to its tropical origins. It is not only an elegant dish, but also beautiful and long-lasting if the correct growth methods are implemented.

There are many types available, but in most cases the orchid has oval fleshy leaves that stretch vertically and then several stems, with numerous flowers that bloom. These are very small while others can be large and showy.

Not only does the color change but also the shape, in fact they can be differentiated depending on the mother type of the plant. In most cases they can be grown in pots, the important thing is to respect the needs of the plant as a whole.

Growing orchids

As mentioned, growing an orchid is not at all easy and requires a careful and prepared touch. Not only that, in fact they are highly demanding plants and it is the only way to enjoy wonderful blooms during every year of their life. This is a plant to be placed indoors during the winter month, choosing a place away from the air with lots of light but not direct sunlight. The best place is the bathroom or the laundry room, although the living room and bedroom are no different but always with other plants nearby.

Only one ingredient to increase orchid flowering

For those who want to increase the flowering of the orchid and have it flourish all year round there is only one ingredient to use. This is a product that we use every day and is always in every home: we are talking about cow’s milk.

Cow’s milk is a riot of proteins and calcium, which are essential for the correct growth and intense flowering of orchids. Furthermore, its antifungal properties are important for counteracting and combating plant diseases .

How to do? Add a little water to the bottom of the milk bottle and then water the plant generously. It is important that the milk is not used in excess and pure, because it could damage the flower and cause unpleasant odors.

White Orchid

For correct use, always alternate watering with water and milk. With an orchid, the do-it-yourself method is absolutely not recommended: in this case, ask a professional in the sector for advice.