In recent years, orchids have become very trendy. How best to take care of them to always have them vigorous? Find out below. 

Lush orchids

Orchids are tropical plants that we have now learned to appreciate in our homes as furnishing elements .

Orchids: fascinating characteristics

Considered beautiful and fascinating plants, orchids come from tropical countries . Their cultivation, until several years ago, took place in greenhouses or in very humid and hot environments.


As the years pass, however, the most widespread orchids can also be cultivated in more European environments , characterized by temperatures that are decidedly less mild than the tropics. Scientists then gave life to new hybrids , which are decidedly more resistant and easy to reproduce.

The name of the orchids has Latin origins and means testicles, a term that refers to some tubercles that are clearly evident at the base of the terrestrial species that are endemic to Italy, in the mountains or hills.

In addition to the colorful flowers, the leaves of the orchids are also very beautiful . They are whole, oval or ribbon-shaped with a fleshy consistency. The shape of the flowers is very recognizable and is composed of three sepals at the top and three petals at the bottom, the central one of which is called the labellum.

The roots of orchids are aerial and are fleshy. They are intended to absorb moisture in the air and from the surfaces to which they cling.

Often, after the first flowering, we believe that the orchid is dead and we forget to take care of it. In reality, unlike what is believed, there are very few precautions for having a healthy orchid at home. Furthermore, there is a trick that we are about to reveal to you below, which will allow you to have healthy and lush orchids. Let’s see what it is.

Vigorous orchids? Just one spoonful is enough

If your orchids haven’t bloomed yet, they may need a change of air. These plants, in fact, usually flower when there are seasonal changes. In any case, there is a natural ingredient that can help the proliferation of orchids. It serves to increase the proliferation of the roots and their activation.

The ingredient that can be found in all our cuisines is garlic. Yes, you read that right. Garlic powder can be put on orchids. Garlic, in fact, is an antibiotic that protects plants from fungal diseases and insects. It can help remove all dead roots and leaves.

To use it as a liquid nutrient for orchids, simply place a spoonful in a glass. Next, you need to pour boiling water over it and mix well. After letting the glass with its contents cool.

Healthy orchids

For medium sized orchids, you will use five tablespoons of water and minced garlic. An operation that should be repeated every 2 weeks. It would be better not to give too much liquid food to the orchids because otherwise the desired result will not be achieved.