Orchids, how to have them full of flowers and healthy for a whole year? You have to do this process once a week. You will see how wonderful it is in your home.


Orchids are among the most beautiful plants for green thumb lovers but keeping them beautiful and vigorous sometimes seems like a difficult task. However, there is a remedy . Do you know what you can do to keep them healthy for a whole year ? We’ll reveal it to you.

Orchids characteristics and other properties

Belonging to the monocotyledon family which includes 25,000 species and among the favorites of flower growers, loved both in Spain and Italy, orchids flourish in the hottest countries while they are unable to grow in areas that are too cold such as in the polar regions or in those that are too arid like deserts.


Although their morphology is varied , distinguishing them is certainly not complicated. Its dimensions vary from a few millimeters in length up to 13.4 m like the Sobralia altissima species.

Did you know that some can weigh up to 100 kg ? For example the Grammatophyllum species . Even their smell, very pleasant, makes these plants truly extraordinary.

With different colors but all beautiful, we are especially used to the purple orchid but do you know that other shades also exist? For example, there is the blue orchid which symbolically represents harmony and peace, the pink orchid which represents love, the green orchid which is instead a symbol of hope.

Taking care of the orchid is not an absolutely simple thing. Sometimes we can make various mistakes that can lead to the death of our plant. However, there is a solution to have it healthy and lush for an entire year. You just need to do this process once a week.

How to have your plant healthy and thriving for a year

Orchids are beautiful plants whose care, however, can be quite demanding. Many people say they can’t get their plant to survive more than 3 months. How come?


The answer is simple. If you water it too much or too little and badly, if you expose it to direct light or place it in a very humid environment, you will be responsible for its death . However, there is a solution that we offer you and which will allow you to enjoy your beautiful orchid for up to a year. All you need to do is use one simple ingredient: Epsom salt.

Did you know it’s a super fertilizer? Also called bitter salt , it is rich in sulfur and magnesium and for this reason is an excellent solution for the growth of your orchids . How can you use it?

Simply add it to your plant’s soil once a week . Half a glass of salt is enough . You will then have to rake the soil well so that the latter absorbs it completely.

You will see that with this system your orchid will not only produce wonderful flowers but will be lush all year round . You can also put Epsom salt directly on the leaves of your orchid through a mixture that is easily prepared at home.

You will only need 4 liters of water to which you will add two tablespoons of salt . Then mix well so that the salt dissolves and wet the soil and leaves with a spray bottle. As you can see, the solution is always within reach.

Just one ingredient will allow you to enjoy your orchids for up to 12 months ! However, always consider some important factors such as temperature and light. Orchids can tolerate a minimum temperature of 16 degrees and a maximum of 24.

The ideal would be to keep them in an environment between 20 and 22 degrees. Light is perfect for their flowering but not direct light because it could burn the flowers and leaves. There is also an important rule for watering it: it is not recommended to use water from the tap which is often rich in limescale . The best solution is to use purified water and water your orchid early in the morning.

Epsom salt