With a spoonful of this ingredient we will have orchids with lush flowers. Here’s what it is.

fertilizer for orchids

In our homes there are plants that are used as furnishing elements in many rooms to ensure that the furniture we have purchased gives the appearance of a warm and welcoming environment.

Plants have always been used in gardens and homes to give an extra touch of elegance and some of these are very rare and very expensive and are sought after precisely for their value.

Orchids: the trick to having beautiful flowers

In recent times, many have rediscovered the magic of plants and the green thumb but not everyone has managed to keep our ever-green friends alive and is therefore demoralized.

But we must not give up, because with some tricks we can recover some plants and become people who take care of plants and will have a flowery balcony.

Precisely because of their lack of care, the favorite ones are succulents which do not need much attention as they tend to need water a few times a week.

Orchids: here is a very powerful fertilizer

Even as a gift, for someone who buys a new home or to pay homage to someone for an achievement or even just as a birthday present, plants are one of the first thoughts that come to mind.

Especially during the Christmas period, the most common one is the Christmas Star , in its red and white variants but another plant has also caught on and is given as gifts at any time of the year due to its elegance and its flowers.

We are talking about the orchid , which can be found on the market in various colors and in various shapes and which has always given its owners beautiful flowers at any time of the year, if it is taken care of.

The method of expert nurserymen

But what should we do to ensure that our orchids are able to bloom in the right way? The solution is simple and to ensure that the flowers grow abundant and lush there is a trick.

Expert nurserymen, in fact, have many methods to ensure that their plants have beautiful flowers that are envied by all, but they do not reveal them often and these involve the use of some unusual ingredients.

For example, to have beautiful flowers in our orchids we must use garlic powder. Once dissolved in the hot water we will mix it and pour it into the soil of our plants.

Orchids: here is a very powerful fertilizer

If we don’t have the powdered one , there’s no problem, just take some cloves of garlic and cut them into very small pieces. Then place them in a jar at room temperature and keep aside for some time.

After a day, we will go and take our jar and pour the contents into the soil of our orchids and we will see that when the flowers bloom they will be beautiful, of a splendid color and very strong and large.

Garlic also helps to strengthen the roots and leaves and tends to ward off insects that can nest in the soil.