There is a completely natural way to have healthy and abundant orchid flowers. Here’s what it is.

orchid makeup

In our homes, in addition to furnishing accessories and curtains, we also have pets and in addition to these dear and sweet friends we also have plants that liven up the environment.

These can be of various types and sizes and have always been used to ensure that our home has bright colors and is filled with greenery to improve our health.

Orchid: the secret to having lush and abundant flowers

In fact, plants not only have an ornamental purpose, but are also useful due to the exchange of air as thanks to chlorophyll photosynthesis and their breathing system, they release carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Orchid: here's how to have abundant flowers

Furthermore, some of them, especially the fat ones, such as mother-in-law’s tongue, to take one into consideration, tends to absorb excess humidity inside a room.

In this way, you will prevent condensation from forming and consequently mold from forming on the walls as the plant will have absorbed everything in excess with a completely natural exchange of air.

Orchid: here's how to have abundant flowers

Some plants tend to flower and the presence of flowers on our balconies and our homes is very important due to the ecosystem as many insects enter through the windows especially in the warmer seasons.

These insects may be tired or looking for pollen and therefore having a lush plant full of flowers does nothing but help these little friends of ours who will suck away the nectar and give a great help to the planet.

For this reason, it is always better to keep well-flowering plants at home so that all these insects can draw from them for their work and also to rest after a long journey.

The nurserymen’s secret

Among the most widespread houseplants is the orchid which comes in various shapes and colors and has always been considered among the most elegant and beautiful of the plants on the market.

However, not everyone manages to keep them alive as if they were just purchased but there is a secret that has been revealed by nurserymen to always keep them in shape and make lush, well-coloured flowers bloom.

First of all you need to take some walnuts and break them, dividing their insides from the shells. Then we take the shells and put them in a saucepan full of water and bring everything to the boil.

Orchid: here's how to have abundant flowers

Once a very high temperature has been reached, we drain everything in a colander, cool the cooking water and insert it into a spray bottle and then sprinkle it on the leaves.

In this way, the leaves will always be shiny and will make the dust slide away and by inserting this liquid into the soil, the flowers will bloom luxuriantly and the stems will be resistant.

Thus, our orchid will be impeccable and will be the envy of everyone and we will be able to reveal to them the secret we have just learned.