The orchid plant is one of the most widespread and loved plants. It is impossible not to be enchanted by its very particular flowers and its elegance. There are different types of orchids and they are truly beautiful, although this plant needs a lot of care. Do you know how to water it? Only in this way will he be able to live for a long time.

How to water orchids

The orchid plant is loved for its elegance, its flowers are very colorful and fragrant. It is cultivated in any country in the world and to make it grow healthy and strong, we must pay special attention to its nutrition , in fact, we must water it correctly. As? We’ll reveal it to you right away. Not everyone knows this incredible secret about hydrating our orchid.

The Orchid plant: characteristics and advice

The Orchid originates from the tropical and sub-tropical areas of America, it is an elegant, sensual, refined and stupendous plant. But many people give up cultivating it because they believe it is too difficult, however, this is not the case at all. There are more than  twenty-five thousand species , in fact, there are different colors, many types of leaves and shapes .

To make it grow healthily, it is essential to keep an eye on the climate , in fact, it is advisable to choose a fairly humid environment. As we told you before, they come from America and therefore prefer a climate alternating with rain and dry periods. Since the orchid plant has also spread widely in Europe, their current origin must also be considered in order to be able to care for them impeccably.

Therefore, it is good to choose a tropical climate for them , for this reason, it will be necessary to grow them in a humid, warm environment with lots of light. Furthermore, the hydration of the orchids must also be taken into account. Did you know that there is a trick to make them live as long as possible? It’s all in the watering.

Orchid plants

How to water the Orchid plant

Like all plants, orchids must have the correct amount of water. Making mistakes while watering would be very serious for their health. First of all, we advise you to water it three or four times a week, but it is important to always check the conditions of the plant, therefore, only do it when the soil is dry.

Furthermore, it would be right to water them around mid-morning. How? The trick is to immerse the vase in a basin of water for at least thirty minutes, then let it dry in the open air for about an hour, finally, place it back inside your home.

Watering the orchids

This is the correct method for watering them. The orchid has thick, bushy roots, but this way they will be able to absorb water more easily. Brilliant, right? It doesn’t end here, because as we told you, it is a plant that needs humidity. 

So, in summer get help from a nebulizer . Instead, during the dry period, water it only once a week, removing the vaporizations. Always remember that watering a plant is very important, in fact, always make sure you do it correctly, otherwise it won’t last long.