Before going on holiday, remember your orchids so you don’t find them dead when you return. Here are some things to do before leaving.

Flowering orchids

Don’t forget about your orchids before leaving on holiday . Orchids are plants that require a lot of care and if you are not careful you may find the plant dead when you return from holiday. All plants in general require minimal and regular care to ensure that they do not dry out and die.

However, orchids are very particular, they have tropical origins and are famous for their colorful flowers. Initially they were considered elite plants. In fact, they needed a particular climate, certain temperatures and humidity. Today, however, there are more varieties of the orchid and some that are also adapted to the conditions of European life. They have become more popular and less expensive plants over time.

pink orchid

Calculate the days of your holidays, if they exceed 7 days you will have to ask some relative or friend to come to your house to give water to your orchid to ensure that it does not suffer from thirst during the absence otherwise here are some suggestions on how to best prepare the orchid before your departure.

Here’s what to do with your orchid before leaving on holiday

If, on the other hand, your holiday lasts less than 7 days, your orchid can stay at home alone, but it is good to prepare it for your absence with some small suggestions. Here’s what you need to do before leaving, some tips:

  • water it from below : make sure before leaving to water it well so as not to make it suffer. To make them take in all the water possible, you need to proceed by immersion. And it will be enough to put the orchid in a basin with water for at least half an hour. In this time the plant will absorb water through the holes in the pot, remaining moist for longer.
  • get more light : the orchid is usually a plant that needs partial shade and not to be exposed to direct sunlight. A few days before leaving, however, it is better to leave it in the sunlight for a few hours, always indirectly (to avoid the risk of burning it) to ‘recharge’ it
  • don’t leave it in the  dark : orchids are indoor plants but require light. Never leave them without light for a few days because you will find them dead. Be careful not to close all the shutters of the house before leaving for the holidays, at least in the room where the orchids are, do not completely lower the shutters to let in the light which will help not interrupt the photosynthesis process of the plant.
  • give an energy boost : a little extra energy will keep it alive during your absence. The day before leaving, fertilize it using a fertilizer. Better to use one based on potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. Usually this type must be diluted in water and then poured into the plant.

Finally, if your vacation lasts more than 7 days and you don’t have anyone in town who can pass by your house, we recommend the thread trick. This consists of taking woven cotton threads and placing one end in the ground and the other in a basin of water.

The threads soaked in water will slowly bring the water little by little to the plant which will not suffer from thirst in those days. It’s a useful trick to not leave your orchid completely without water for days.