Orchid, if you plant it this way your plant will grow healthy and strong but above all it will flower quickly. Ready to discover the trick of the most expert green thumbs? You will be left speechless.


Are you fighting with your orchid because it can’t bloom as you would like ? From today this will no longer be a problem for you. With this trick your plant will grow with strong and vigorous roots and above all it will make you participate in an extraordinary spectacle: the birth of many little flowers.

Orchid, how to take care of it

Among the best-selling plants in the world there is certainly the orchid . It often happens that a person gives it as a symbol of good luck, to inaugurate a new house or simply that they purchase it personally because its colors and flowers are an extraordinary sight to behold.


However, if it is true that the orchid is one of the most purchased plants , it must be said that it is also one of those that are difficult to take care of . Many times these little green jewels end up withering or even worse not producing flowers.

However , failure to flower is something that can be solved if you give the plants in question love, care and lots of attention. First, you need to know that exposure to sunlight is not always the best solution for having a healthy and healthy orchid.

Direct sunlight, for example, ends up burning flowers and leaves, making your plant ill. The advice of the experts is to place your little jewel in a warm and bright environment but in which there is no direct projection of the sun’s rays.

Also pay attention to watering ! You don’t have to water your orchid every day but you must learn to control the humidity of the soil : if it is wet enough, it is not necessary for your orchid to receive more water.

Excessive watering can also make it ill and can even block flowering . After giving you this little smattering, let’s get to the key moment. Today we will reveal the secret to ensuring that your orchid can grow healthy and robust and above all grow many little flowers quickly, at any time of the year. Here’s how you should plant it to get these results.

The expert trick: if you plant them like this, your orchids will grow quickly

If there is a problem that many people who have an orchid at home complain about , it is that of failure to flower , an inconvenience that can only be solved by paying particular attention to the way in which the transfer takes place .


Today we reveal to you, in this regard, a trick that will forever solve your problem with dull orchids without flowers. You will need a few simple tools to ensure fast and extraordinary flowering for your plant .

Let’s proceed immediately with the explanation. The first thing to do when you get an orchid is not to plant it immediately but to place it in a cool , dry place for a week, without watering it.

This is the best method to prevent bacteria and fungi from making you sick . With this technique, the roots will not rot , on the contrary. After this time, take your plant back and remove all the soil around it.

Don’t worry if you see it particularly dry or with dull and non-shiny leaves , it is normal that after a week without water and left in a dry or humid place, the result is this.

Then proceed to cut the damaged roots and also the dry or shriveled leaves . At this point, carefully wash what remains of your plant . Get some turmeric powder which is a spice with important antibacterial properties.

It is able to provide vitamins and nutrients to your plant , thus helping it to take root quickly. All you need to do is put just a teaspoon inside a clear plastic bottle.

Then add 500 ml of water at room temperature and mix everything . Filter the contents through a sieve and pour it into another transparent plastic container . With this solution you will clean the leaves which, you will see, will acquire color and shine again.

At this point, you will need to place the entire root of the plant in turmeric water and leave it there for at least 30 minutes , then take it out and place it in another clear plastic bottle.

Add 100ml of water so that the deepest roots are covered. You will see that within 4 weeks your plants will grow healthy and its leaves will be green and shiny. But the most beautiful sight will be this: many flowers will appear on your plant.

Another little tip for you: pay attention when decanting . Always get a clear plastic bottle or container and place pine bark inside which will help your plant continue its growth process. Alternatively, you can also buy the clay that you will always place between the roots.

See how easy it is to take care of an orchid? Sometimes you just need to follow the advice of the most experienced. We guarantee that this way your beautiful plant will bloom all year round.