Not everyone knows that by combining orange with coffee you can create a delicious dessert. Here’s how to proceed.

orange and coffee

Sometimes, during the day, whether after lunch or dinner or even when we need to tease something good and that takes away the urge to bite into something, we tend to consume sweets .

Many times, due to laziness or not having many ingredients at home, we tend to buy ready-made snacks sold in the supermarket even if these may contain preservatives.

Orange and coffee: the combination you never expected

Their use during the week is not entirely wrong, because some of these can be healthy and the supply of sugar in our body and brain is useful for carrying out actions throughout the day.

Sometimes, however, we find ourselves without these snacks and we want to prepare a genuine dessert with some ingredients we have at home, but we don’t always know which ones to use and which ones to combine.

Orange and coffee: the unthinkable combination

Not everyone, however, knows that there are two ingredients that seem to be very distant from each other, due to completely opposite flavours, but which when combined can turn out to be something very delicious.

We are talking about oranges and coffee, and a very simple recipe that gives life to a cake that will surely make your taste buds jump for joy and which could also be an excellent dessert for a dinner with friends.


First of all we need to get hold of three nice sized oranges and make sure they are fragrant and then peel them and then cut them into small pieces and place them in a bowl.

Once this is done, with an immersion blender, we blend our oranges while in a separate bowl we break three eggs to which we add 160 grams of sugar and a glass of vegetable oil of approximately 200 ml .

We combine everything and then add 200 ml of milk and grate a little orange zest into this mixture . Once this is done, once you have obtained a creamy mixture, add the previously blended oranges .

With a whisk, combine everything very delicately and sift 360 grams of flour and a sachet of baking powder, equivalent to approximately 10 grams of product, and continue.

Orange and coffee: the unthinkable combination

Then, grease a baking tray with half a spoonful of butter which must be spread well and half a spoonful of flour and then insert part of the mixture obtained, leaving at least 1/4 of this in the bowl .

Once inserted into the pan, spread it well, and add 15 grams of coffee to the remaining mixture in the bowl and then subsequently insert this new mixture into the pan, forming small circles here and there on the previous mixture.

This should be baked for at least 40 minutes at 170° and then, when we remove it from our appliance, it should be sprinkled with 300 ml of milk , using a teaspoon and some rapé coconut should be sprinkled on top .

Once everything has cooled, the dessert is cut into small squares and served and we can see how the chromatic difference can be captivating to the eyes but above all to the palate.