There are various ways to make an orchid lush, but the method we will talk about is undoubtedly the most effective of all.


Orchids are a ubiquitous botanical presence in homes around the world. Their understated elegance offers an easy complement to any interior décor scheme, whilst providing a verdant touch that enlivens the atmosphere.

Even novice gardeners find themselves drawn to orchids, assuming that their simple appearance denotes easy maintenance.

Often used as gifts for a variety of occasions, these plants may require more care than they seem.

To keep them thriving, the use of eggshells can be a useful resource. Let’s take a closer look at how to properly care for these seedlings.

Eggshells for caring for orchids

It goes without saying that the term “orchid” is a broad name that includes a variety of beautiful flowers. Among these, Paphiopedilum deserves special mention .

This variety is especially known for its gorgeous foliage and typically produces one or two large, long-lasting flowers in a variety of colors.

The life of a flower can be grown or shortened based on your choice. Under favorable conditions, they can bloom for up to two months.

Adequate watering is key, and while these plants do not require excessive light , consistent watering is key.

In winter, consider reducing maintenance, while in summer, with higher temperatures, it is essential to maintain a high care routine .

Eggshells can be a game-changer for orchid enthusiasts. Orchids tend to be picky about acidic substrates , and this is where eggshells come in handy.

Egg shells

Therefore, avoid throwing away used eggshells, as they are an excellent source of calcium and can help neutralize acidity.

Simply grind the shells into a fine powder and add seven grams per liter of substrate to ensure optimal orchid growth.

How to make fertilizer for your orchid

One method involves recycling eggshells as natural fertilizers by crumbling them and spreading them under plants.

As they gradually dissolve, the soil will be filled with calcium, which is beneficial for plant growth.

To repel slugs that are a nuisance to the plant, crushed eggshells can be sprinkled around the base of the orchid.

Another option is to air dry the eggshells and then grind them into a fine powder.

This variation of eggshell fertilizer can be sprayed directly around orchids or added to the soil when planting.

Its effectiveness is especially pronounced when it comes to potted plants.

Another alternative method to obtain fertilizer from eggshells is to create a suitable solution for watering our plants.


To do this, pour boiling water over the eggshells and let the mixture stand, stirring occasionally for about an hour.

Once the eggshells have melted, the  liquid fertilizer is prepared for use. Before application, it is recommended to shake the solution to ensure correct mixing.

For best results, apply eggshell fertilizer directly to the soil around the plant or spray the resulting mixture onto your orchids.