Plant onions with this special supplement and you can be sure. Zero pests and a very high yield. Below we explain how.

Onions zero pests

It is still early to plant onions but we want to show you a supplement that will make them grow healthy and without problems. You will say enough to the parasites and you will have an excellent yield. You just have to keep reading to discover this secret to put into practice. All below, in the next paragraph.


Onions: here’s how you need to plant them so as not to rot

As we said it is still early to plant onions since the time is around September and October. Then in the fall. However, there is an expedient to prevent them from growing properly without them rotting. First you need to get some seeds to plant or other onions depends on the time you have.

Poi prepara il supplemento speciale che è la micorriza. Si tratta di un fertilizzante che trasferisce gli elementi nutritivi alle piante. Ad esempio rame, fosforo o zinco. Non è però molto economico anche se la quantità utilizzata è poca quindi durerà per diverso tempo e non dovrai preoccuparti.

Onion and mycorrhizae

It is added as if it were salt. The manufacturers of this product recommend 5 grams per plant so you can also weigh the right amount with a small scale. So this should be inserted when planting but remember that the soil does not renew itself so you will have to do it yourself before planting the new onions.

Before planting plants therefore the soil must be enriched since soil is the essence of plant growth. If the soil does not have what plants need to grow, humus, manure, organic material and more, nothing will grow and your efforts will be in vain.

How to plant from onion plants with mycorrhiza

As we were saying, the soil must be prepared and therefore in addition to moving it is excellent to use ashes. This also gets along very well with onions and will benefit their growth. In fact, the ash protects the onion from parasites that attack it. The amount depends on the quality of the soil, the tastier it is the less ash you will use.

The planting process is very simple. Make deep holes about a punch because the onion does not go very deep. Then put the small onion or planting, and also enter the mycorrhizae. As we said before, a very small handful is enough for each plant.

How to plant onions

Make sure that the onion is placed on top of this fertilizer with the head resting on the mycorrhiza and with the tail coming out upwards. Once you have followed these steps, cover lightly with the ground to cover the meeting point between the onion and the mycorrhiza.

Now you need to add the ash as we have advised you. It will be enough to sprinkle it around the onion and then pour the soil on top. Finally, replace the ash back to the surface. It will be enough to make a circle around the plant so that pests do not approach. You can now proceed like this for each onion to be planted.