It is possible to multiply the olive tree infinitely starting from a small branch. You simply need to know the secrets of the trade and apply them in the best possible way.

olive branch

To ensure that the olive tree reproduces and gives birth to other healthy specimens, it is not necessary to have a green thumb, because even those who have no experience with nature can achieve exciting results with little effort.

Anyone who has a garden large enough to grow many olive trees must try planting a second or third olive tree, proceeding with the following method which takes little time and gives a lot of satisfaction.

Where olive trees have the greatest chance of survival and under what conditions

In particular, the regions of southern Italy have a great chance of survival of olive trees . But you can also try planting an olive tree in the center or why not in the north. This is because it is a rather resistant plant, which survives even in disadvantageous conditions, both in terms of the soil and the climate.

Olive leaves

Those who don’t have enough space can grow in pots and then postpone the problem until the plant is too large and can no longer live inside.

The multiplication of the olive tree is very simple, it is an economical and banal method that ensures more specimens of the same species on the balcony or garden, without spending too much money and going from time to time to the nursery closest to home.

How many types of multiplication exist and how each of these occurs

Multiplication can occur through sexual or vegetative reproduction. The sexual one occurs through the fertilization of the female part of the flower. Generally the individual who is born maintains the characteristics of the parents.

Instead, the second reproduction occurs thanks to the cell divisions of the mother plant . Consequently, it gives rise to a plant that has the exact same characteristics as it.

How to make the olive tree multiply starting from one of its branches

To propagate the olive tree at home by cutting, you need to choose a large olive tree and take a branch that is at least one year old. The tree must be sturdy with juicy, green bark. If you choose a branch from a dry or unhealthy tree you risk not obtaining the desired result.

At this point, take the twig and leave it in water for 12 hours. Once the necessary time has passed, the branch is placed on the ground, a box that has been kept at a controlled temperature and watered daily is used.

The soil that must be used to cover the vase and place the sprig inside must be composed of one part peat, one part vegetable garden and one part mature manure. Two months must pass from this moment on, obviously the land must be watered daily.

Only after the two months indicated will the twigs have formed roots and can be placed in the earth where they can strengthen and grow to then become beautiful, strong and healthy olive trees, ready to bear fruit in the years to follow .