Your hair will grow and you will prevent it from falling out with a natural method: all the details to do it at home.


Sooner or later there comes an age when many experience hair loss. There can be many causes, including a nutritional deficiency, stress overload, an inflammatory process, abuse of certain drugs and so on. Most people experience this event without too many problems, but there are also those who simply cannot accept hair loss. Those who don’t want to see all their hair fall out rely on some products that can easily be found on the market and which allow them to slow down this phenomenon. However, the advice is always to opt for natural remedies, which can also be easily made at home.

3 ingredients are enough to stop hair loss

One of these methods, for example, consists of the application of only 3 ingredients for guaranteed effectiveness. First you need to get a metal container, where you can insert two teaspoons of cloves. Why exactly this element? The reason is to be found in the properties of the carnation, capable of giving shine to the hair, protecting it from the loss of natural pigment and restoring the right density. Together with the cloves we are going to add 5 bay leaves to the container , given that this aromatic plant is rich in essential oils that are particularly beneficial for the growth of the scalp, as well as other important elements such as manganese and iron.

Hair loss

Always in the container we are going to insert from 2 to 4 sprigs of rosemary , given that this plant, in addition to having an antibacterial effect, is ideal for eliminating dandruff and ensuring shine to the hair. At this point it is necessary to add 400 ml of water to the container , then placing the container on the heat. The water should be boiled over low heat, stirring the mixture and proceeding until the water becomes dark.

Once this is done, the solution must be appropriately passed inside a jug using a sieve. After letting it cool, a little solution is inserted into a small container similar to those for perfumes and essential oils. To use it in the best way, the advice is to apply it to the roots of the hair and distribute it well with massages on the scalp. Once this operation has been completed, after about thirty minutes you can proceed with rinsing (even with shampoo). A few applications will be enough to realize the beneficial effects of this solution. You will see how your hair will grow and become stronger and shinier, as well as more voluminous.

The hair will grow and be voluminous: another very effective method

The alternative to this method is to put a teaspoon of cloves , a teaspoon of black peppercorns and 3-5 bay leaves in an electric grinder. We operate the shredder until we obtain a powder which we will place in a container, adding 200 ml of hot water. After mixing the solution, let it  sit for an hour. After this time, pour the solution into another container, again through the sieve. Once this step has been completed, add two tablespoons of  shampoo (what you usually use is fine).

Long hair

A good stir and the mixture is practically ready to be poured into a jug and then (always with a sieve) into a small container as we have already seen with the previous method. The procedure is the same: the product should be applied to the root of the hair and distributed through delicate massages. After about half an hour, rinse with shampoo.