Do you often have to deal with cockroaches and other insects not really welcome in the house? Here is a natural insecticide to eliminate them.

Natural insecticide

The presence of cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes and other similar insects for home can turn out to be a really big nuisance. Despite the fact that the whole domestic environment is thoroughly sanitized, in fact, it can happen to be invaded by these animals that are not at all appreciated by all of us.

Especially in the hottest months of the year and in the presence of high humidity, it can happen to find various species of insects circulating undisturbed inside our home. There are many who have a phobia of insects and do not tolerate their presence in some way in the environments of the house.

The presence of cockroaches, for example, is really a common plague, from which many would like to break away permanently. Especially in the evening hours, in fact, these animals can sneak inside the house, passing through the lower part of the door of the house or defective fixtures. Other times, however, they can rise from the drains.

There are many who are disgusted by this thing and to sanitize the house at all times. As anticipated, however, even a perfectly and constantly sanitized house can present this problem, due to external circumstances.

In this article, we want you to discover a truly incredible method to perfume your home and to make a natural insecticide, which will be really useful against the problem of cockroaches, flies, bedbugs and other insects in the house. Are you ready to find out? You just have to keep reading.

Do you want to solve the problem of cockroaches in the house? Here is the natural insecticide

Many try to solve the problem of cockroaches and other insects in the house, by means of some chemicals purchased at specialized stores. We refer to spray or powder insecticides. They, however, are not natural products and could be dangerous in the long run for our health and for any plants present in the apartment.

Solution against cockroaches

These products are used to kill insects or, in any case, to have an environment more free from their presence. If, however, you want to avoid using these chemicals, know that there are several natural solutions to solve the common problem of the presence of cockroaches, ants, bedbugs and more inside the house.

We recommend one of these to you dispassionately. What do you need to make a natural insecticide in a DIY way? Here are the ingredients that will come to your rescue to ward off insects and to better perfume and sanitize the rooms of your home for at least 48 hours. Let’s find out what you need to know.

The natural insecticide and flavoring: here’s how to make it

The first thing you will need to do is to get yourself a container. Inside, then, you will have to put a glass of alcohol, a glass of white vinegar and a lot of floor detergent. After adding these liquids to the container, also insert a generous tablespoon of salt and mix everything well. What do you need to do now? Here are all the details.

Natural insecticide and flavouring

You will have made a very interesting mixture, since it will act as a real natural insecticide. The mixture obtained and properly mixed must be placed inside a spray container. In this way, in fact, you can spray this solution in all the home environments you want.

Before proceeding with the operation, however, you can also insert a tea bag into the spray container. The taste of it can be chosen to your liking. In addition to being a natural insecticide, in fact, the liquid that will come out can also act as a real flavoring air perfumer.

All you have to do is spray the solution in all corners of the house. Insects will no longer peep into the house, annoyed by this smell, and you will always have a perfectly fragrant environment. It will be important – especially in the period of intense heat and frequent humidity – to spray this solution in the air or in various specific areas every 48 hours.