You should never detach the leaves of the basil plant in this way: so you make it die immediately. Here is the technique of the experts that will save your aromatic plant.

Never peel off the leaves of the basil plant in this way

How beautiful and fragrant are basil plants? A spectacle for the eyes and smell! Yet, almost no one can take care of it in the most appropriate way. Beware of basil leavesIf you detach them in this way the plant dies immediately.

Basil plant: characteristics and properties

Originally from India, a continent where it is still attributed medical and miraculous properties, the basil plant arrived in Europe, in Greece first, more than 2500 years ago.

Belonging to the Labiate family, its scientific name is Ocinum Basilicum. Little curiosity: do you know why in the Western world it is known as a “royal plant”?

Basil plant

Legend has it that Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine, found the Holy Cross in a land covered with basil plants. Since ancient times, basil leaves were used not only for therapeutic purposes.

The Egyptians, for example, used this plant during their embalming processes while in the Late Middle Ages, this plant was used to treat the evil eye, colds and contractions in pregnancy.

Today we use basil and its leaves mainly in the kitchen but its countless properties make this plant incredible for other purposes. Ever tried basil essential oil? It is perfect for treating gastric and digestive disorders and for relieving physical fatigue.

How is basil grown? Simply bury the seeds in a pot that you will then cover with soil added with natural fertilizers to accelerate growth.

The basil plant requires moist soils but beware of water stagnation: if you water it more than you should, you risk that it can wither in a few hours. If you also have a basil plant at home or in the garden, surely if necessary you will remove leaves from it to season your dishes or to prepare decoctions.

Are you sure you know how to pick a basil leaf? Pay attention: if you detach it in this way you cause your plant to die.

You must never peel off the leaves of the basil plant like this

If you too are used to simply tearing individual leaves from your beautiful basil plant and then using them, keep reading: you are doing everything wrong!

You should never detach the leaves from the basil plant in this way, otherwise its death is guaranteed. So what is the right method to best grasp the leaves of this super fragrant plant without doing damage?

Here is what the experts who share the perfect pruning technique say: you have to cut with a scissors only a sprig to which 4 leaves are usually attached.

The right technique to pick basil leaves

By doing so, our basil plant will not die, on the contrary, it will also have time to regrow a new branch with new leaves, in the cut part. Be careful never to cut the lower branches, those near the root, but always cut the highest ones.

Did you know that you can also change the flavor of your basil leaves? You just have to proceed with the pruning of those tips that sprout on the stems of the flowers of your plant and that absorb some important nutritional properties making sure that the taste of the basil is altered.

We also reveal another secret that will surely come in handy if you are a fan of aromatic herbs: never cultivate together or in any case close, the basil plant and the sage plant: they would end up dying both.

The basil plant needs a drained and moist soil. On the contrary, sage grows perfectly in dry soil.

All the beneficial properties of basil

Basil is an incredible plant that is not only used to flavor dishes and dishes. Its leaves can also be used for therapeutic purposes. Scientific studies have shown that regularly consuming basil leaves helps to:

  • keep mood swings under control;
  • heal wounds;
  • fight tiredness and exhaustion;
  • calm abdominal pain and cramps;
  • soothe redness of the skin;
  • clean the skin from pimples and impurities.

As you can read, basil has so many virtues useful to our body in many situations. You can consume its fresh leaves, you can make a decoction or compress for the skin.

The leaves of this plant are amazing when used correctly. Now that you have also learned the right technique to cut them without damaging the plant, you just have to enjoy all the beneficial properties that this incredible jewel of nature gives to our body.