Natural fertilizer, do you know how you can easily create it at home and with your own hands? Only with this ingredient will your plants become lush and healthy. Have you ever tried this technique?

Natural fertilizer

How to have healthy and thriving plants all year round? All you need to do is create this natural fertilizer . One simple ingredient will solve your problem forever.

Natural fertilizer: why choose it for plant care

Are you a plant lover but having trouble seeing them grow healthy and strong? Are you not a green thumb but you love filling your terrace or your home with these splendid creatures but you don’t know how to take care of them ?

Plant fertilizer

If the answer to these questions is yes, know that there is a solution. We all know that plants are just like humans: in order to grow strong and healthy they need all the necessary nutrients , such as minerals.

For this reason there are many fertilizers on the market but not always natural ones. Fertilizers , also defined as such, are important for the maintenance of plants whether they are in the garden or in pots.

Yet we can assure you that natural fertilizers , compared to artificial ones, will allow you to have healthy and thriving plants all year round. Do you know that you can create a homemade mixture with your own hands? To fertilize the plants you will only need this ingredient.

The secret ingredient to naturally fertilize your plants

To have healthy and thriving plants all year round you need to fertilize them . Fertilizers are the solution to your problem. They’re a bit like vitamins for men. Likewise, plants also need nutrients to stay healthy.


This is why we use fertilizers which provide the plant with essential nutrients for their growth. Fertilizers can be mineral, organic or biological : you will have to choose the most suitable one depending also on the type of plant you need to fertilize.

Generally, fertilizers are made up of potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen and other macro and microelements which balance the properties of the soil allowing the strong and healthy growth of plants.

Nitrogen, for example, allows the birth of new shoots while phosphorus allows the formation of new roots. Potassium , on the other hand, guarantees the flowering and coloring of flowers and fruits. We were saying earlier that there are many fertilizers depending on the plants to be fertilized.

For example, green outdoor plants need nitrogen-rich fertilizers . Those for apartments, however, require fertilizer enriched with phosphorus and potassium . The aromatic ones instead of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen .

Do you know that you can create a natural fertilizer with your own hands that will allow you to always have healthy and thriving plants? All you need is one ingredient . What are we talking about? Simply Epsom salt !

Get this product and you will see what a result! How to make your own natural fertilizer? The process is really very simple. First of all , buy a spray bottle that you will need to vaporize the product.

Then you will need 250 ml of water, half a tablespoon of Epsom salt and nothing more . Let’s proceed. Take a container inside which you will place the water. Add your half tablespoon of Epsom salt and mix the ingredients.

Pour the product into your spray bottle. Done, your homemade mixture is ready . Spray this mixture on your plants, carefully wetting the stem and leaves . For greater results you can also use this natural fertilizer on the plant’s soil.

You will see that within a few days you will notice an incredible change : your plants will appear shinier, healthier and with stronger leaves. In short, sometimes very little is needed to save or improve the life of our plants. This natural remedy will help you have healthy and thriving plants all year round. And you, were you aware of this system?

Epsom salt