Mother-in-law’s tongue, also better known as Sanseveria, is a plant that is easy to grow but which requires some precautions, such as that relating to its location. 

Mother-in-law's tongue

Very present in Italian homes and considered very trendy, the mother-in-law’s tongue should be placed according to the rules of Feng Shui.

Sanseveria, characteristics of the plant

The term mother-in-law’s tongue can be misunderstood. In fact, when referring to mother-in-law’s tongue some might immediately think of some biscuits. In reality, the term can also be used to refer to Sanseveria, a plant that has become very fashionable again in Italian homes.

Moreover, the leaves that make up the Sanseveria resemble long yellow tongues, dotted with lighter green or yellow stripes. Sanseveria is the scientific name while mother-in-law’s tongue is the one used in common jargon.

The success of Sanseveria is due to its ease of cultivation, not only to its being very beautiful and decorative. Furthermore, it also has qualities that should not be underestimated: it purifies the air, introducing oxygen into it and purifying the environment. Not only carbon dioxide, mother-in-law’s tongue can also absorb toxins present in the air of our homes.

As for ease of cultivation, mother-in-law’s tongue does not need as much water. In fact, it is a plant that needs to be watered once every fortnight. Too much water, in fact, could cause dangerous rotting.

Where to place the mother-in-law’s tongue plant

Even if it is easy to grow, Sanseveria, in order to proliferate at its best, should be positioned in a specific place, according to the rules of Feng Shui. The latter is a discipline that has its roots in Taoist geomantics which is applied to architecture. Its pillars are rules regarding home furnishings according to which an object should be placed in one place rather than another.

According to the rules of Feng Shui, therefore, even the mother-in-law’s tongue should be placed in an ad hoc place. Being considered a magical plant, it should be placed in an environment favorable to it . This environment, in the house, is not represented by the dining room or the living room. The motivation is simple: these two rooms are the ones where there is more wood, a natural element.

It would be wrong to put it in the bathroom since it is an environment for this type of plant, too humid and it could get sick quickly. Furthermore, being a very powerful and protective plant, it should not be placed in the study or workplace. Due to its power, in fact, it could block creativity and its flow.

Mother-in-law's tongue cultivation

According to the eastern discipline of Feng Shui, the perfect place for the mother-in-law’s tongue would be the entrance , the place where the atmosphere entering is improved. The plant, in fact, could be able to attract money and cleanse the negative energies of people who enter our home. It’s worth a try.