Geranium, citronella, incense, lavender and many others are useful not only for beautifying balconies and terraces, but also for protecting yourself from annoying mosquito bites.


In summer mosquitoes invariably return, which is why giving up mosquito nets  is almost impossible. However, there are also other methods to avoid the visit of these annoying insects. Among the natural remedies to keep them away are mosquito repellent plants . These emit odors that mosquitoes do not like, thus creating a real barrier. Furthermore they are also excellent for decorating the outdoors. Let’s see what they are.


Lavender is one of the most famous mosquito repellent plants. There are different varieties but the one to keep mosquitoes away is medicinal lavender.


There are those who place citronella candles on the balcony, and those who prefer to place the perennial plant, which adapts to all climates.


The smell of geranium is annoying for mosquitoes. This type of plant loves shade and is easy to grow.


Catnip, which is characterized by long tufts of grass, is an effective repellent against mosquitoes and other insects.


Monarda is a plant that flowers in summer and has reddish flowers. The aroma, similar to bergamot, is an excellent mosquito repellent.


It has a strong and persistent odor and colorful flowers from red to orange to bright yellow.


It is an ornamental outdoor plant from tropical countries. It grows well in mild areas but in winter it must be protected from the cold.

Lantana Camara

It is a spontaneous plant that grows especially in coastal areas. Its smell is pungent, excellent for keeping insects away.


The leaves are characterized by a bluish color, from which an essential oil is obtained which has an antibacterial and disinfectant action.

Aromatic plants

Basil, mint and rosemary are effective repellents to keep mosquitoes, bees, wasps and other insects away.