Can’t take care of the money tree properly? Its beauty will remain intact and will always flourish with this secret method.

how to cure money tree

The crassula – or money tree – is a beautiful succulent succulent plant that embellishes the decor and style of every home. There are various species in the world and there are up to 300 different specimens. The most famous is this one called Money Tree due to the particular shape of its leaves. When this plant no longer blooms like it used to and is dull in color, there is a method that nurserymen reveal that should be tried immediately.

Money tree: characteristics and peculiarities

This beautiful plant has distant origins and comes from southern Africa, particularly resistant and with very few requirements for its survival. It is ideal for those who do not have a developed green thumb but still want to create a certain atmosphere in their home environments.

Money Tree

It has an erect shape and vertical development, with small dark bright green leaves. Sometimes you can glimpse a light fuzz that protects it from intense sunlight.

Its flowering period is from April to the end of August , with very small flowers that have an interesting white star shape. There is no shortage of varieties that offer alternative colors, such as bright red or delicate pink.

How to care for and make the money plant flourish? The expert method

The money tree is a lucky charm that is often given as a gift for important occasions, such as birthdays or when you want to wish something positive. In fact, according to belief, this is a plant capable of bringing well-being especially in the financial field.

If this were not the case, it should still be adopted and placed in the home, due to its beauty and the little care it requires every day . However, it could happen that the plant is no longer able to flower like it used to: the signal is clear and it is time to give it nourishment as per the advice of nurserymen.

The secret is succinic acid which is found in tablets and is an excellent nutrient for this particular plant. The substance in question is very important for plants, because it is a source of natural energy and direct nourishment.

Method for plants

It is a safe substance for plants and must be dissolved in warm water, then given directly to the plant by wetting the soil. Its effect is immediate , in fact the money tree will receive all the necessary nourishment and its flowers will be as beautiful as before.

What are the benefits of this substance?

  • It helps in the immediate production of chlorophyll
  • It helps in absorbing all the nutrients that are in the soil
  • Activates and promotes the growth of leaves and flowers

If the plant is young it leads it to adapt to environmental conditions.