Do you know the money tree? With this vial you make it bloom immediately and for months and months. Read on to find out what to put in this plant.

Money tree

The money tree is the other name by which the crassula is called. It is an evergreen plant that belongs to the Crassulaceae family. There are about 300 species of this plant and it is famous with the name we have indicated or with that of jade tree.

It is a plant native to Africa but very resistant despite the conditions are not the same. It does not require much care and for this reason it is often chosen as an ornamental plant at home. Usually this has a vertical and erect shape even if there are several variations. From climbing to bush.

Money tree or crassula

The stem and leaves are very fleshy and flowering usually goes from April to August. The flowers are small and star-shaped but you should know that using only one vial of these you will always get a constant flowering and you will not have problems with your plant. Below, in the next paragraph, we see the details.

A vial in the money tree: that’s what it is

As we have said the money tree or crassula does not need much care but help to make it bloom better may be necessary. You can start by adding new soil as sometimes this can run out or you can use a vial of this drug as fertilizer.

Thanks to ampoules of ascorbic acid the plants will bloom better and be more lush. However, you do not have to insert the whole vial into the plant but you have to dilute it with water. For a vial of 2 mm you need to use 3 L of water. Then pour the ampoule and mix well before watering the plant with this solution.

Flowering money tree

You can both water it under the root and spray any houseplants on the leaf. It is acid that is frequently used for agriculture and is not a new method. In fact, ascorbic acid has several properties and below we will see them.

What you can be sure of is that with this vial your crassula will be healthy, strong and lush as well as flowering for months and months. You will see that the flowers will be constant and will last for a long time. For results, repeat the step with this ampoule once a month.

Ascorbic acid: properties for plants

Ascorbic acid has numerous antioxidant powers. A synonym with which we can call it is Vitamin C. In fact, the two terms are synonymous, and we talk about pure Vitamin C. It is a drug that is taken by humans because it raises the barriers of the immune system.

Ascorbic acid ampoules for the money tree

It is also very useful in plants as it acts in the same way and helps these to prevent the risk of infections, especially to the leaves. So its use is very positively recommended on plant health. Withascorbic acid you will have healthy, flowering and lush plants.