An aromatic plant useful in the kitchen for dishes and drinks is certainly mint .

To take better care of it there are various steps to follow carefully.

By following them, our plant will not wither but will grow strong and luxuriant.


Mint, never again with few leaves and withered. The gardener’s trick to have lush and fragrant leaves

When and how should mint be watered?

This plant needs to be watered continuously , better still, you have to check that the soil is always moist .

How is it possible to cure the plant?

To make it grow at its best, as we have said, it is important to keep the soil moist and also use mulch to protect it from the cold and frosts. In addition to using fertilizer every now and then, if the plant is placed in a pot, given its propensity to orient itself towards the sun, it must be rotated every 3 or 4 days .

How and when should it be collected?

Harvesting must be done when the leaves produce a more intense odor, therefore shortly before flowering . First of all you need to remove the yellow leaves and collect the leaves just above the first group or the second group.

Can mint be grown in pots?

Obviously yes, as we have already said it is possible to grow this plant in a pot. You simply need to get a large pot with holes in the base so as to drain the water and therefore grow without stagnation and in a large space.

What is the right soil in which to grow it?

The pH of the soil must be between 6.0 and 7.0 to be able to plant it directly without problems. The soil must therefore be moist.

Is it possible to use cuttings to grow it?

To plant mint using cuttings we need to cut some from a plant between 12 and 15 centimeters in length . Then we must place the cutting, after removing the lower leaves, in a glass of water and place everything on a window. After the cutting has received 4 or 6 hours of light every day , and when the roots are long enough, we can plant it.

Can we, however, plant mint in the garden with seeds and cuttings?

To plant mint in the garden we can insert the seeds into the soil at a depth of 3 centimeters . If, on the other hand, we want to plant cuttings , we must spread a layer of humus and insert a cutting from 15 to 30 centimeters at a depth of 5 centimeters .

Good job everyone.