Gardeners have started using a new method, placing matches in plants. But what is the real advantage?

matches in plants

Having plants in the garden and in the house is always a great idea. They not only embellish the surrounding environment but also give a colorful and fresh touch to the home. Many plants also have particularly interesting properties that can be good for the health of every individual. Being delicate creatures, they require constant care, which is why a trick has been revealed that involves the use of classic matches. What are they for? Let’s find out together right away.

Plants in the garden and at home, how to care for them?

There’s no point in beating around the bush, anyone who wants to have plants at home or in the garden should have at least a green thumb. Alternatively, it is better to adopt those specimens that do not require much care but only a little water during the week.

Professional nurserymen are able to give any type of advice depending on your needs, it being understood that a plant is alive and needs a lot of care during the day and night. We start from watering to get to nourishment, up to placement.

Caring for plants

Many of them do not like light, while others require heat and direct sunlight. Then there are some types that like dark corners of the house, while only a few of them can also be placed in the bathroom. However, there is one point that all plants have in common and there is a remedy that can be used at home and in the garden (economical and non-invasive).

Matches in plants, the nurserymen’s secret

The common denominator of all plants is external attacks, such as insects – parasites and midges of various kinds that feed through the sap. This happens not only to outdoor plants but also to outdoor plants, leading them directly to total dehydration and then inevitably to death.

During spring it is completely normal for insects to attack plants if they are not protected by something effective. But be careful, products with chemical agents cannot always do any good: in fact, they are often not suitable for that type of plant , or are extremely polluting for the environment.

At this juncture, something revolutionary comes onto the scene, with advice given directly by the most expert nurserymen. It is good to remember that the causes of a proliferation of insects can be many, from weather conditions to greater use of stagnating water and even fertilizers that are not suitable for that type of plant.

To overcome these problems it has been discovered that matches can be of great help. The plants will be healthy , beautiful and the envy of all who see them. As we all know, the match is made up of a flammable end – head – and then the wooden stick.

matches for plants

You need to take two to four matches – depending on the size of the pot – inserting them into the soil upside down. The sulfur contained inside the head dissolves and after a week the match can be replaced : this procedure must be done for a whole month.

What will happen to the plant? It will be completely protected from the attack of any type of parasite.