There is a method to have a lush poinsettia and multiply it using its leaves, making it bloom for months. Here’s how to proceed.

Lush poinsettia

During the Christmas period there is a plant that is spread exponentially to the point that it also becomes a floral gift to give to a relative or to a person to whom we want to show our esteem.

This is the Poinsettia also known as poinsettia but whose real name is Euphorbia pulcherrima and is characterized by its large flowers and red colour, although it can be found in the white variation.

Christmas star: here’s how to multiply it infinitely

This plant brings to mind, due to its main color, red and green, Christmas and for this reason it is used to represent the holiday season and cheer up our homes.

Its leaves, like its flowers, are milky and it is often advised against letting animals approach this plant due to the toxic effect it could have on the organism of our four-legged friends.

Poinsettia: how to make it bloom from a leaf

This ornamental plant is also used at other times of the year and its cost can often be very high, although economical versions can also be found in supermarkets.

Not everyone, however, knows that there is a method to multiply it infinitely using its leaves and to always have it fit and lush even in the hottest months of the year where temperatures reach peaks that are not ideal for its growth.

The proceedings

To proceed we need to delicately detach a leaf from our poinsettia and with a cutter remove the stem so that only the leaf remains from which we will remove the stem from the back.

To do this operation, we use a cutter and, being careful not to cut ourselves, we proceed to file the back side of the leaf on the side of the petiole which will be completely removed.

Once this is done, we take a clove of garlic or rub it on the part we removed, then on the back side of the leaf so that it can absorb the garlic placed on it well.

Poinsettia: how to make it bloom from a leaf

After this, we take a beetroot and cut it into slices and after having some slices we place them on top of some soil, placing the leaves on it and then covering everything with more soil.

We water everything regularly and after 30 days we see what has happened. The leaves of the poinsettia will have developed roots and we will insert the leaf, placing the roots from the bottom, inside the soil.

Once this is done, we water everything periodically and we will see that the first hint of Christmas Star will slowly begin to appear until it grows with lush and colorful flowers.

This method is useful for multiplying our plant in an infinite way and we could do it many months in advance so we will have poinsettias created by us, which we can give as gifts during the holidays.

With this method, other types of plants can also be multiplied, although not all of them involve the use of red beetroot.