To make geraniums lush, healthy and lively, just put into practice this simple natural remedy: let’s find out more.

Oil and geraniums

In most Italian balconies, you can find beautiful geraniums. But like any plant, have precautions during their development, in fact, we must pay attention to several factors. But how can we make our geraniums lush, healthy and brightly colored? Just use a very simple natural remedy. The process is easy and super fast.

Lush geraniums: here’s how

To have lush and healthy geraniums, it is necessary to put into practice measures that will keep them in perfect health.

It can happen to make mistakes during their development, but it is important to notice and remedy them. First of all, always remember to place them in the right area, in fact, when temperatures are low, they should be put inside the house.

However, they also need natural sunlight, since artificial light is not enough for flowering. Geraniums can also adapt to penumbra. Also, make sure the pot is large enough, the roots must have space to absorb all the nutrients in the soil.

Hanging geraniums

Of course, do not forget to water the plant with the right amount of water. Geraniums should never have dry soil, but neither should they be too wet. Precisely for this reason, we advise you to regularly check the moisture of the soil with the help of a wooden stake, which you will have to insert into the ground.

But to have lush geraniums for 5 years in a row it is necessary to put into practice a natural remedy. You will need only one ingredient, to make them healthy and colorful: let’s find out how to do it.

The natural remedy

One of the most common problems that arise in this plant is precisely the geranium butterfly. This small insect creates great damage, because it manages to pierce the stems and eat the inside. In this way, it prevents our geranium from growing and blooming.

To prevent this terrible inconvenience, you will have to put into practice a natural remedy that will also help you make your plant healthy and with colorful flowers. Just get yourself a truly incredible ingredient. What are we talking about? of sunflower oil.

Geraniums on the balcony

Not everyone knows that this element that you can easily find in the kitchen, is really essential for the health of our geraniums, in fact, it will ensure our plants a coverage guaranteed by these butterflies of geraniums.

The procedure is very simple, just put only 8 grams of sunflower oil in a liter of water and water with this amazing compound. Not to be believed, your plant will improve in no time if you have all the precautions we have explained and if you take advantage of this powerful natural remedy.