Geraniums, hydrangeas and orchids flourish all year round? With a pinch of this you will no longer have flowering problems: the effect is guaranteed. Here is the ingredient that will save your plants.

Flowering grains remedies

How difficult is it to get geraniums, hydrangeas and orchids to flower ? From today it will no longer be a problem for you. With this trick, tons of flowers will grow on your plants. Ready to discover the experts’ secret?

Geraniums, hydrangeas and orchids: the best-selling plants in the world

Italians are plant lovers and this is demonstrated by the fact that in every home there are two or more of these small green lungs, scattered in various environments, to give a touch of color and oxygen to the homes.

Geraniums in the house

Increasingly green , the homes of Italians and others reflect perfectly, or at least in most cases, the attempt to make our homes increasingly eco-friendly and smart.

How beautiful is it to have balconies or terraces full of flowering plants ? Among the best sellers there are certainly geraniums, hydrangeas and orchids. These are plants that can resist both high and low temperatures and even inside homes.

Therefore also perfect for those who live in an apartment, these little green jewels will be able to give you oxygen and color simply by placing them in the place you prefer. Obviously pay attention to light and irrigation : neglect of them can lead to their sudden death or the absence of flowers.

This last problem is the most common. In fact, many people complain that their plants are unable to produce flowers. From today this will no longer be a problem. Here is the ingredient that will save your plants in minutes .

The magic ingredient to save your plants

How many times have you been disappointed because your favorite plants have withered or because they are unable to produce flowers ? From today these problems will be just a nightmare of the past for you.


Here is the solution used by experts , which guarantees lush flowering especially in the case of geraniums, hydrangeas and orchids . You need an easily available ingredient that will save your plants in a few minutes, giving them back not only vitality and shine but above all lots of little flowers, ready to sprout even in winter.

Ready to discover the secret ingredient ? It’s simply corn starch! Well yes, to have lush geraniums, hydrangeas and orchids you will only have to get a teaspoon of this powder which you will place on the soil of your plants .

Corn starch acts as a fertilizer and will help the roots grow healthier and stronger and the leaves grow flowers. This technique is used especially in winter: we guarantee that even at Christmas your plants will be splendid with their beautiful flowering buds.

Cornstarch is rich in potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium . Once you have poured a teaspoon into the soil, water your plants as you normally would and wait for the magic: not only will your green jewels become vigorous and shiny but even in the cold you will see colorful flowers bloom.

Furthermore, corn starch also performs another important function: it protects geraniums, hydrangeas and orchids from the attack of parasites which often nibble on the leaves and end up making the plant ill.

However, this is not the only ingredient that can help you keep your green jewels healthy and lush all year round. There is also another ingredient that performs the same function: we are talking about potato starch.

Also in this case you will simply need to take a teaspoon and pour it into the soil of your plants, then water normally as in the case of corn starch. And voilà, even in this way you will be able to see the little flowers bloom on your plants even in winter.

So, if you see that your plants are unable to flower, don’t panic and above all don’t wait for them to wither. With this simple remedy you will be able to save their lives and see them bloom all year round .