Let’s find out how to get lemons that are always huge and juicy. Here are all the details about a trick used by farmers.

huge lemons

There are many people who choose to grow one or more lemon plants in their garden or potted on the balcony. These citrus fruits are used in many recipes in the kitchen, since they can guarantee very aromatic flavors to various dishes.

If you do not want to go to the supermarket or the greengrocer every time to buy these fruits, you can opt for an autonomous cultivation of lemons directly at your home. A similar plant, in fact, can be grown in a simple and practical way, whether you have a garden or simply a terrace or balcony.

To best cultivate lemon there are specific conditions to be respected. First of all, it is essential that the soil is rich in organic matter and has excellent drainage capabilities. Exposure to the sun for many hours of the day must also always be guaranteed to the lemon plant.

These citrus fruits, in fact, love to receive sunlight directly for at least 8 hours a day. Choosing the right place to plant the plant in pots or in the garden, therefore, is absolutely fundamental.

In this article, however, we want to show you an old method used by farmers to grow the plant healthy and strong, obtaining lemons always huge and juicy. Here’s everything you need to know.

Lemons always huge and juicy: this is the trick used by farmers

Lemon plants, then, do not like soils that are too clayey or calcareous. It will be important to choose cultivation on a fertile soil and medium dough. Watering the plant is also very important. The lemon plant, to grow healthy and strong, needs a lot of water. Regular watering, therefore, is essential. An excess of water, however, can cause some stagnation that can rot the roots.


It is therefore necessary to always do things in the correct way to make the plant grow at its best and obtain fruits that are always abundant and rich in vitamins. The quality of the soil – with a rich presence of mineral salts – and proper irrigation and exposure to the sun are the components to always be respected to make your lemon plant grow in the best way.

As mentioned, cultivation can take place not only in soil, but also in pots. It will be appropriate to choose a fairly deep pot, while the width will play a less relevant role in this regard. You will also have to choose a specific soil for the cultivation of citrus fruits in pots and water the plant regularly, especially in the warm months.

In this article, however, we take you to discover an incredible trick of farmers to always have large and very juicy fruits. That is the procedure to be adopted.

The ingenious method

If you want to grow lemon more quickly, the farmers have “devised” a method that can also be followed by you in the home cultivation of this plant. You’ll need lemon seedsa pot and plain water. Let’s find out all the steps to be performed scrupulously.

Lemon plant

The first thing to do is to take some fresh lemons and squeeze them. Only in this way, in fact, you can procure and collect the lemon seeds necessary to implement this method used by farmers. Carefully separate, then, the residues of lemon pulp.

The lemon seeds, therefore, will be rinsed well and left in plenty of water for several hours. This process will favor their rapid germination. At this point, you just have to remove the lemon seeds from the water and let them dry on a cloth for a few hours.

Then take the pot and place the seeds inside. You just have to fill everything with a soil rich in mineral salts and ideal for the generic cultivation of citrus fruits. The seeds should be planted and covered with a layer of such soil.

This is the way to carry out planting and get a healthy and strong lemon plant. At this point you will have to place the pot with the soil and seeds in a well-lit space on your balcony, so that it can be “hit” by the sun for at least 7-8 hours a day. You will get large and juicy lemons in the future. Easy, isn’t it?