A must in the kitchen, if you don’t have a tree on hand, you have to buy it from the farmer, the greengrocer or the supermarket. We are talking about lemon , the yellow and sparkling citrus fruit, useful for numerous preparations in the kitchen and indispensable at home. Do you always want it fresh? So let’s see how to grow a lemon plant in a pot , to put it on the balcony , use it but also admire it.

On lemon

The lemon tree (citrus limon) is an Indian evergreen, cultivated especially in Sicily. Sensitive to cold and wind, it is necessary in our areas to cultivate it especially in pots, to shelter it from cold winds and frosts.

How to grow lemon

The best time to plant lemons, or put them in pots, is in early spring, when temperatures begin to stabilize. The soil must be soft and porous, resistant to stagnation, also because it will need to be watered often. It is advisable to place a few centimeters of expanded clay on the bottom of the pot, to absorb the water and avoid rot.

I repot

Lemon repotting should be done every 2 years and should be placed in a larger container. If sowing, you need to start from a pot with a diameter of 30-40cm.


Those who have started from sowing will have to water the soil until it sprouts. Only then can he add the fertilizer. When the plant has reached 20 cm, it can be repotted into a larger container.

Anyone who has already bought a lemon tree will only have to guarantee it the right care, therefore continuous and more intense irrigation in summer. The soil must always be moist.


It should be carried out in winter, eliminating dry and damaged leaves.


The lemon should be fertilized twice a year.