If you decide to leave a potato on the plant overnight, the next morning you will find a surprise that you never expected.

potato on the plant

Here we reveal how to stimulate the roots of your plants and above all why you should leave a potato to rest overnight. This is an incredible trick that, once discovered, we are sure you will never abandon.

How to stimulate the roots of your plants

One of the hardest things to do is  stimulate plant roots . But why should this always be done? Of course, it is not essential, but it is useful when we want to accelerate the growth of our shrubs.

Maybe we have recently purchased a plant , which is small in size, and we want it to grow big as soon as possible. At that point we must stimulate the roots, using methods that not everyone knows.


An effective way to do this is to add nutrients to the classic water with which we water the plants. In this way, we will improve the quality of our soil and stimulate the roots of our plants.

Thus we will notice lush growth even in those plants that until recently seemed to not want to grow. But what are these substances that you should add to your soil and above all where to get them from?

In this regard, today we will reveal to you which is the perfect ingredient, which will allow you to improve the quality of your soil and stimulate the roots . It is a food that we are sure you all already have at home. Furthermore, it is a really cheap food, which you can buy as many times as you want, without putting your finances in crisis.

The latter is a fundamental point, on which we want to dwell to underline the advantages given by the use of this ingredient. In fact, many products that improve soil quality are often expensive and not everyone can afford to buy them every month.

With this magical ingredient, however, there are no dangers at all : you can really use it as often as recommended, so that your plant will really benefit from it.

Leave a potato on the plant overnight

Only the most experienced nurserymen and growers know this, but potatoes are valid allies when it comes to helping plants grow. These vegetables are rich in nutrients, such as vitamins and antioxidants.

Precisely for this reason, they are really good for your plants . They manage to stimulate the roots of any plant you have at home, so that it grows truly lush.

potato on the plant

All you have to do is get yourself a potato , which we’re sure you already have in your kitchen pantry. Then take care of grating the potato and adding the pieces of this vegetable to some water.

Now you will have prepared your organic compost , which you will need to water all the plants in your home or garden in a truly effective and decisive way. You can use this water about once a month.

Be careful not to overwater, because if you water your plant too much, you could get the opposite effect.