Key supplement for all plants: tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers doubled if you use this recipe. Only in this way can you bring all these fruits to your table in abundance.

Key supplement for all plants

Do you want to have a bountiful harvest to bring to your table? Here’s how. Revealed the secret that you surely did not know. This supplement is the key to multiplying the products of your garden.

Abundant harvest with a natural technique

If you have the opportunity to dedicate yourself to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables you are really a lucky person. With simple tips you can bring to your table many organic and healthy products that are definitely a panacea for your body.

Garden products

This is the season of tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. Sowing began a few months ago and will continue at least until September, depending on the variety selected.

We know, it takes patience and perseverance so that you can reap the fruits of your garden. Yet, there are so many natural techniques that can actually accelerate the growth of these amazing products.

Today we want to talk to you about a supplement that if administered to your plants will allow you to have abundant fruits. Here is the recipe that you absolutely must know.

Key supplement for all plants: so they will give you many fruits

When you dedicate yourself to sowing you can’t wait to reap the fruits. This is the perfect time to sow zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers.

The harvest obviously varies depending on the variety purchased and sown. But if you buried your seedlings in March, then today you should already start harvesting the products of your garden garden.

If you notice that your plants are growing slowly, it’s probably because they need help. Today we want to reveal the secret recipe to make a supplement that will give you plenty of fruit. To create this elixir you will need very little time but above all a few ingredients.

Whether you’re an expert green thumb or not, you’ll know that plants, like humans, can get sick. It is also enough for only one parasite to infest your green jewelry to see the work of months in smoke. That’s why you should always take care of your plants in a maniacal way.

Tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers are the plants that can most easily get sick and are therefore the ones you will need to take special care of. In this regard, there is an ingredient that can help your plants to save themselves and your crop to be healthy and abundant: we are talking about iodine.

Iodine for abundant harvest

Perhaps you are not aware of it, but it is iodine that regulates nitrogen that is essential for the growth and development of plants and consequently fruits. If your plant has enough iodineoxygen uptake normalizes and regulates. The same process of photosynthesis will take place correctly.

Iodine is also an excellent insecticide and keeps fungi and bacteria away from your plants. We advise you to get 5% iodine from the pharmacy.

Since the solution is quite concentrated, you will have to dilute it. Here’s what you will need to do: pour 2 drops of iodine into 40 liters of water, additionally adding 15 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Your supplement is ready!

With this solution you will be able to protect your plants, especially those of tomato and zucchini, from widespread diseases such as downy mildew. Once you have made this supplement, pour it into the soil and repeat this operation once a week for at least a month: you will see not only the plants grow quickly but above all their fruits sprout in abundance.

This remedy is really effective and excellent if you want to bring on your table many products of your garden. Of course, we also have other natural and ecological ideas for you that can help you achieve the same result.

For example, you could make a recipe based on baking soda and milk. These two ingredients mixed give life to a really powerful pesticide that will always protect your plants from diseases and at the same time will give birth to many fruits on your plant.

Natural solutions exist, you just need to harness the power of nature. Stop buying chemical fertilizers or pesticides and start making organic supplements or fertilizers with natural ingredients. With this technique that we have shown you you will have an incredible and abundant harvest. Your plants will then bloom quickly and look healthy and vigorous.