The heat of summer, in addition to bringing joy and long-awaited summer holidays, also brings back friends we would have gladly done without.

Obviously, with the arrival of the summer season, mosquitoes come back to visit us and staying outdoors is not always easy.

To try not to get bitten by mosquitoes, we buy torches and citronella candles to place in the garden and on the balconies. In addition to this, we become addicted to creams and sprays that we pass on our skin in industrial quantities.

Obviously we know well that nothing will free us from this “problem” but we can get around the obstacle, as much as possible, simply by using what nature offers us.

Green thumb lovers know that plants are excellent allies.


Keep mosquitoes away with this splendid scented plant to place on the balcony

What are the perfect plants to keep mosquitoes away?

The perfect plant is the Monarda , a typical North American plant. In nature there are various types of Monarda and they are all very simple to grow.

What are the characteristics of this plant?

This plant, belonging to the Lamiaceae family , can become very large, reaching a height of 90 centimetres.

In addition to this during the colder months the leaves remain green . From mid-June to the beginning of September the plant also produces umbrella-shaped flowers that vary from red to pink .

Monarda is a perennial herbaceous aromatic plant, in fact the leaves, if rubbed, release a scent similar to that of mint . The leaves can be used in phytotherapy precisely because by drying them you can prepare a delicious aromatic tea.

Does its smell only serve to keep mosquitoes away?

You will see that the smell of this plant will keep mosquitoes away but at the same time it will give you another gift: it will attract butterflies . In fact, butterflies are definitely in love with the flowers produced by this plant.

The balconies and terraces will really look like a piece of suspended garden.

Seeing is believing!