Finding mice in the house may not please us. These easily enter our homes, creating fear and discomfort. Cats hunt them and keep them away from our homes, but not everyone has one. If you don’t want to use pesticides and other chemicals to keep them away, we recommend remedies that will also help you beautify your home.

In summer mice are seen more often, because in the heat they go in search of food. Fortunately, the methods to remove them are many and within everyone’s reach. On the market you can find many products such as poisons and traps to attract and capture them, but also deterrents. If you don’t want to use chemicals that can be dangerous to your health and that of those around you, experts suggest alternatives . There are different natural remedies to use and plants are among them. We are sure that you will appreciate the ones we are revealing today very much because they are not only beautiful plants, but also particularly fragrant . You know that mice are bothered by some smells? Continue to find out which ones.

Keep mice away from your home with these 3 plants: the first has beautiful flowers and is easy to grow

The garlic plant is very effective at repelling mice thanks to its honey-like odor . Garlic flowers are ornamental, large and rounded in shape and, in addition to keeping mice away with great simplicity, they will beautify your home .

The plant requires little space . It is planted at the end of summer and does not require special care. However, it suffers from waterlogging , so it is advisable to water it a little once a week and, if possible, drain the soil with gravel . To get lots of colorful flowers, keep the vase in a place with high sun exposure . Place it in the garden or on the balcony and you won’t see a mouse approaching .

Spicy scent and white flowers: grow this plant and you won’t regret it

The pink pepper plant has a spicy and spicy scent , a smell that particularly annoys rodents. It is native to South America and its white flowers are truly enchanting: this plant is ideal to keep on the balconies of your home. To easily grow it in a pot, choose a sunny place sheltered from the wind .

Use light, well-drained soil to avoid waterlogging. Water it little: this plant tolerates even long periods of drought well . In autumn, instead of flowers you will see the characteristic pink berries appear which you can pick with scissors and dry in the sun.

Mice hate it, but this plant with its colorful and particular flowers will win you over immediately

Its pendulous, bell-shaped flowers can be red, yellow, or orange . Fritillary is a musky scented bulbous plant , perfect to keep and grow if you want to effortlessly repel rodents . Fritillaria grows well in full sun , but also in partial shade.

Protect it from currents and water it little but often . Be careful not to overdo it and, if you are afraid of making a mistake, drain the soil with gravel or clay . To ensure crazy and spectacular blooms, choose a soft soil , rich in substance, and prefer terracotta pots with holes for drainage . Keep mice out of your house with these 3 plants and you’ll have solved a huge problem with great simplicity.