Use only this seasonal vegetable and make your orchid garden explode. You will never believe how beautiful they will be.

Seasonal fruit

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Orchids, how to make them grow healthy and strong

Orchids are fascinating and delicate plants that require special care in order to grow healthy and strong Although they may appear complicated to grow, by following a few simple steps, you can make them grow healthily and lushly.

They like light, but not direct sunlight. Place plants in an area of ​​the home that receives plenty of diffused light, such as near a north- or east-facing window. Make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight, as this can cause damage to the leaves and roots.

They require regular water , but not too much. Water the plants only when the substrate is dry to the touch. If the substrate remains constantly moist, the orchid roots can rot. They also love humidity, so it’s important to mist them regularly or place them near a source of humidity, such as a tray of water.

Blue orchid

They require a particular substrate , which allows the roots to breathe. Use a substrate specifically for orchids, such as pine bark or staghorn fern. Avoid using regular potting soil, as it can retain too much moisture and cause root rot.

They require a nutritious diet to grow healthy and strong. Use a fertilizer specifically for orchids, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid using chemical fertilizers too often, as they can damage its roots.

Use this vegetable and be amazed

If you are an orchid lover , you know that these plants can be quite fussy and require a lot of care and attention. One of the most important things for orchid growth is the right amount of nutrients and water. We’ll show you how to use homemade beetroot juice to grow plants in the garden.

Beets are an excellent source of nutrients for  plants , as they contain a large amount of sugar and essential minerals such as iron, magnesium and potassium Homemade beetroot juice is a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers, and can help your orchids grow healthily and vigorously.

Here’s how you can use beetroot juice to grow your orchids :

Materials needed:

  • Fresh beets
  • Blender
  • Fine filter
  • Spray bottle
  • Waterfall
White orchids

Start by cutting fresh beets into small pieces. Place the beetroot pieces in the blender and blend until smooth juice forms. Pour the juice through a fine strainer to remove any lumps.

Dilute the juice with water in a 1:1 ratio. This is important because pure beet juice can be too strong for orchids. Pour the diluted juice into a spray bottle. Spray diluted beetroot juice on the roots of orchids every two weeks.

It’s important to note that beetroot juice can stain fabrics, so be sure to protect your clothes and surfaces when applying. Additionally, if your orchids are already growing in a nutritious medium, you should avoid using beetroot juice too often.