Just a drop under all the flowers in the house: in this way you can ensure optimal results in terms of flowering. That is what you will have to pay.

flower liquid

Many people like to grow plants in their homes. Yet not everyone can achieve excellent results, as far as the flowering process is concerned. To have optimal increases in this sense, thus being able to count on a satisfactory flowering of your plants, here you will find a very useful and simple natural method to carry out.

Just a drop under all the flowers of the house

To achieve the aforementioned goal, certain steps will certainly have to be carried out.

Here to make your plants bloom effectively, you can count on a special remedy that will be of great help. What will be needed in this regard? For the execution you will need 10 bay leaves that you will then have to cut into pieces.


After chopping them, you will need to place them inside a glass jar.

At this point, you will have to add the second ingredient, or the rice that you are going to pour through a quantity corresponding to 10 tablespoons. Mix the two ingredients perfectly and then continue according to the final steps.

The final executions for the realization of this method

Continue the procedure by adding 300 ml of water to the previous ingredients and mix well all the ingredients placed inside the jar. After closing the latter with the appropriate lid, you will have to leave the solution to rest for 24 hours.

Before passing this period of time, however, you will have to put the jar upside down on a shelf, so the side with the lid will be the one that will rest on the surface.

Then you will have to cover it with a dry and clean cloth and only after doing these steps, you can leave it like this for a whole day.


The phases of the procedure continue by pouring the mixture into another container, going at the same time to filter the same, during this step.

So the new container will have inside only the water of the solution obtained previously, which must be poured under the roots of your plants once every 25/30 days.

This completely natural method will serve you to have a beautiful flowering.

The importance of the flowering process and why it sometimes does not happen

Whatever the type of plant, it can happen despite one’s efforts that the house plants do not bloom. So when you do not have much experience in this specific sector, it is important to stick to certain precautions, and then associate them with the trick explained above.

This is because some botanical factors can be of great help to identify the reasons why plants do not bloom.

For example, when the plant is too young, late flowering or completely absent may occur.

Then the plants for a good flowering, need adequate light. It follows how important it is to place your plants near a well-lit window.

While low temperatures during the colder season can be destructive for plants, the spring season is perfect for good flowering.

The type of pruning is certainly another reason that involves an incorrect flowering of plants. In these cases it is important to be careful not to make drastic cuts, to avoid compromising an excellent flowering.

The latter must also have proper watering, in addition to exposure to the sun. Combining the amazing effects of natural makeup with bay leaves, you can count on a flowering full of colors and beauty that will leave everyone speechless. Just use this method of considerable effectiveness.