There is a method to save a lot of money by placing a lemon inside a jar of water. Here’s how to proceed.

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On our tables, in all seasons, be it summer, winter, spring or autumn, there is a citrus fruit that has always differed due to its color and its inimitable scent.

We are talking about lemon, known above all for its properties that tend to flavor any dish, whether sweet or savory, and which tends to give a particular flavor to dishes.

Lemons: here’s how to save by keeping them in a jar of water

Its origin is not yet completely clear, there are some experts who believe that the lemon grew in China during the Song dynasty, between 960 and 1279 AD but according to other sources it originated in Assam and northern Burma.

Lemon: this is why you need to keep it in a jar of water

Only around 700 AD did it spread to Egypt, Iraq and Persia and here it took the name of līmū which generally indicated all the fruits of the citrus category and then took the name of lemon in the Italian language .

Lemon: this is why you need to keep it in a jar of water

In Europe the first crops appeared in the mid-15th century, in Liguria, in Genoa and only later, thanks to Christopher Columbus , were they spread to Hispaniola where the navigator planted some seeds.

Cultivated all over the world, although one might think that they are all the same, there are various types and shapes of lemons and often the differentiation is of the commercial type where green lemons are distinguished from yellow ones.

The importance of lemon in our country

In Italy, there are some lemon specialties. Suffice it to say that on the Amalfi Coast and in particular in the city of Positano, it has become very widespread and if you walk through the local streets you can smell the scent of lemons and admire decorations that recall it.

Even in Amalfi and Sorrento there is a great diffusion of this citrus fruit to such an extent that the crops in these areas are envied by the whole world and it has also become a true ally for local desserts.

Just think of the sighs of Sorrento, also known as Lemon Delights , among which the most famous recipe is that of Sal de Riso , which uses these lemons taking advantage of the particular aroma and its properties.

Furthermore, lemon juice is also very useful for household chores and as a digestive, so it is essential to have this citrus fruit at home even if it easily tends to rot after not being used for a long time.

Lemon: this is why you need to keep it in a jar of water

But there is a method to ensure that lemons keep well for even a whole month and to do this we don’t need who knows what ingredients but just have an airtight glass jar and some water with you .

Initially we will wash our lemons under running water and then we will insert them inside the jar and then let the water flow inside it almost up to the brim.

Once this is done, the jar should be placed in a dry and cool place, away from heat sources, so it is fine in a cupboard and will keep fresh for weeks as if it were just purchased.

In this way, we will have saved a lot of money, as not only will we avoid waste and therefore throwing away the rotten lemon but we will also avoid buying new ones.